June 2017…Summer has arrived

I get back from my Alaskan vacation, and its 98 degrees out! It was not this warm when I left 13 days ago!

For the summer I’ve made a few adjustments to my schedule because (1) I want a shorter day on Thursdays for this time frame, as (2) I’ve qualified for Triathlon Nationals in mid-August and need to focus on my training & recovery. The small shifts I’m making allow me to do this. The adjustments are:

Me, finishing WikiWikiMan where I qualified for Nationals 2017.

  • Thursday 530pm Pilates class will move to Wednesdays at 530pm as of June 7th, and stay on Wednesdays thru August 9th (i leave for Nationals in Omaha NE on the 10th).  The morning Pilates class is unaffected, but will not have class on August 10.
  • Wednesday hours have shifted from AM to PM – 345-5p (2 slots basically) w class at 530pm.
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday remain otherwise unchanged.

For June there are 5 weeks of Pilates classes. $12/class if you pay for the month ($60 total). Acknowlegding that its summer, I’m also offering a 4 session in the month package, the usual $48. Drop in rate is $15/class, and you can pre-pay either 5 or 10 sessions if that is your preference ($75 or $150, respectively).

Current Classes

I’m also picking up an indoor cycle class at the Northwest YMCA if you want to come play. Here’s my total teaching/coaching schedule if you want to join me for any:

  • Monday: 935a, Indoor Cycle at Northwest YMCA
  • Monday: 6p, Track practice at Deer Park MS track, thru Northwest YMCA*
  • Tuesday: 530a, Track practice, typ at Canyon Vista MS track, but location varies, thru Northwest YMCA*
  • Wednesday: 1045a-12n, Viniyoga at Northwest YMCA
  • Wednesday: 530p, Pilates at the Studio, starting June 7
  • Thursday: 530a, Bike Intervals on Trainers at the Studio, thru Northwest YMCA*
  • Thursday: 10a, Pilates at the Studio
  • Thursday: 530p, Pilates at the Studio, June 1 only
  • Friday: 530a, alternating Rain Creek Runs & treadmills at Northwest YMCA

* part of the Austin Y-Tri & Year-round training group

Studio Hours (for non-class appts)

  • Monday: closed for office work
  • Tuesday: 8a-4p
  • Wednesday: 245-5
  • Thursday: 1115a- 5p
  • Friday: 8a-330p


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