Sharon Boon


I have been in the field of fitness, health & wellness since 1991, have trained and certified other fitness professionals thru AFAA since 1993 (Personal Training, Primary Group Ex, and workshops on Pilates, indoor cycling, yoga, Injury prevention and more). I opened Amber Moon Studio when I moved to Austin in 2006.

Currently its just me here at the Studio. I retired from AFAA in December 2015 to be able to focus on this Studio more, and what a blast! To have weekends free for training (I’m still a triathlete), gardening, doing what I want. Life IS good!

My credentials include:

My Story

The Making of a Redhead: a journey through pain & into Light.

This is my story. It’s incomplete, but its a start. Its still ongoing. I’ll add sections as they get written, but the Universe is saying this needs to get out there now.

Part I: Into Pain


(or: things i’ve accomplished to hint at the process, but you’re anxiously awaiting the process). Be good and read these in order…

Part II: Coming into the Light

Part III: The Year of 5 injuries, Mischevious Imps & Green Gooey Spiders