In person Pilates, not quite crack of ridiculous, & the usual

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, 6/9/2024

A LIVE and IN-PERSON Pilates class!

Yes! It’s finally happening! A LIVE and IN-PERSON Pilates class. We’ve got a new yoga studio here in Taylor, The Mindful Muse, and this fits right in! Wow, it’s been…. over 4 years since I taught an in-person class. Who’s ready for some entertainment, some Pilates, some not-Pilates done the Pilates way, and general all around fun?

Fridays, 830a Mindful Pilates

June 21 & 28, July 12, 19, 26

They have drop in rates as well as packages. We’re on a trial basis this summer, and stay tuned for August.

Oh Brushy, how I’ve missed you!

That first day driving in for middle school running, along Hairy Man Road to Brushy Creek… I was filled w a sense of… peace. Like I was home, as I used to do a lot of training here, both running & on Hunts with Hawks, my mountain bike. I really do love this trail.

I’m back on Hunts with Hawks while my kids run. I’m zipping back & forth between the front runners & the ones behind. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

These first few weeks I need to behave until I see how much biking I’m actually doing, and then… I may add on some extra at the end. Just for FUN. Cuz that’s what it’s all about, right?

I’m also back to coaching early… 7a. But I get up at 5a. Cuz I live in Taylor. The rest of my Monday is work ON the biz (as opposed to IN the biz), so it works out just fine.

Taylor & virtual updates

Openings are subject to change. These openings are a reflection of this exact moment in time.

  • 6/13, Thurs, 2p
  • 6/18, Tues, 3p
  • 6/20, Thurs, 2p

Austin updates

Fridays are in flux. With adding the 830a class, I’m limiting my work hours on the other end til 330 (both locations). Trying to stay in my 8h start to finish work window. Which means Friday in Austin is now 130-330p. If you’ve got something already scheduled later than that, I’m still honoring your time, of course.


  • Wed, 6/19, 445p

Summer group programs

Please note there will be no Viniyoga on July 3.

You can register for Masters Swim thru the City of Taylor.

Track will resume Sept 3 with our 5k/10k program. For those in The Quack Pack, we may have a few random run & bike sessions this summer, in addition to Masters swim.

Viniyoga, Pilates & EUTM are online & thru the studio.

Thank you!

I always appreciate when you read all the way to the bottom. Drop me a note, let me know you got here please 😀