May 2017! ahhhhh Spring has SPRUNG!

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  • vCita updates
  • Summer Schedules
  • Classes for May, June & July
  • Testimonials

How did it get to be May already??? Time flies when I’m having fun! I’ve got my first Triathlon of the season coming up on May 7, and then I get to figure out where to go from there!



Please make sure you’ve added the vCita email address to your email address book to ensure timely arrival of your appointment reminders:

I’ve got everyone in my online scheduler now – at least thru May 17. I’ll be working on getting June & July in there soon. Please make sure you are receiving the reminders the way you want – text or email (email is required by the system). Texts do cost me $, and I don’t mind if you need them. however, if email works just fine, I’m happy to update you in the system. Please let me know.


Summer schedules

If you have any changes you need to make to your regularly scheduled appt time for the SUMMER, please let me know ASAP.


Classes in May, June & July

Pilates classes: May 4 & 11 only, 10a &  530p.  $24 if you’re coming to both, or drop in at $15/class. If you have a credit from last week when I was out, its still $12 if you want to pay for the other week.

Bike Intervals: May 4 & 11 only, 530a.

Calendar is open for June & July so feel free to register yourself! I can also put in you in for ALL of them if you want me to – however, realize that’ll put you in for 10 sessions (its how i opened it on the calendar for some reason). I ask you then to cancel out of any you can’t make.



I am looking for some coaching testimonials that i can use 1) on my website, and 2) on facebook to promo my coaching. Please feel free to write me one and give me permission to use it, as well as how you’d like to be referred, ie Sharon B, SB, “Keelie”, anonymous. Pilates & injuries I’ve helped you thru also count 🙂

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