April 2017… Wait…what happened to March?

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  • I’ll trade ya!
  • vCita updates!
  • swim lessons at the Y
  • classes thru the studio

I’ll trade ya…

I’ve almost run out of massage sheets in recent weeks, so if anyone has any good, used twin sheets, i’m happy to give you a little discount for them. Colors, Fun prints, Transformers, Star Wars… anything except solid white is accepted. Must be in good condition. i can use single flat sheets as well.

 vCita updates!

i’m starting to get everyone into the system. I’ve had to open up some Wednesday afternoon slots for new clients, and the less office work i have to do the better. Sending reminders, while i love personalizing them, it just one less thing i’ll need to do once i get you all in. For those that come weekly, i’m putting 10 visits in at a time. Working on getting the ones in prior to my vacation, then will start working on 10 weeks after. You can have the appts automatically added to your calendar w the email confirmation you receive. i’ve gone thru and i think i’ve got everyone on their preference of email or text reminder. if you are not getting what you want, please let me know ASAP by email & i’ll get it updated. reminders come 2 days before your appt.

If you’ve not been online lately, the online scheduler has allowed me to make “categories” – so its easier (i hope!) to find things. there are categories for Bodywork/CST, Pilates Privates, Classes, Swim lessons.

Swim lessons

I’m working on getting monthly swim lesson times into VCita. you can go in and schedule your own times as needed. Yeah Progress!

Classes happening via Amber Moon Studio:


  • 530am, Track sessions thru The Y (Canyon Vista Middle School Track, typically)
  •  630pm, Track session thru The Y (meets at Ready to Run, Far West @ Hart) FYI moving to Mondays starting April 10


  • 1045am, Viniyoga at The Y


  • 530am, Athletic Bike Intervals on Trainers (at the Studio). Register online
  • 10am, Pilates class (at the Studio). Register online
  • 530pm, Pilates Class (at the Studio). Register online


  • 530am, Run w Austin YTri (either meets at Starbucks at Great Hills/Jollyville or The Y)


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