Hello Sunshine: CST, guinea pig, biking & so forth

I recently had a client ask what you’re supposed to feel/get/receive out of craniosacral session (CST). Everyone is different, so it’s hard to be precise. You might feel like you’ve been taken out of the fight or flight response: you might feel more together, more in sync. One client felt elongated & like she was floating afterward. You might feel like things shift without putting your finger on what. There can be emotional release, there can be trauma integrations, the relationships around you may change. Sometimes shifts are subtle, other times, obvious. What I feel when I work on you may translate to something entirely different in your world of awareness. And it has a cumulative effect when continued over time. How body & other systems aware are you? That will also make a difference.

And with all of this said, I just started another CST course on The Mind, and at the end of the month, I’ll have another CST class on the “enteric brain”, i.e. your gut. I’ll have discounted guinea pig opportunities available for these (you’ll likely have to pick one) in the next Hello Sunshine. Currently too early to say when I’ll be ready for them. If you’re called to be a guinea pig (squeak!), you’ll be able to schedule up to 3 sessions at the discounted price between when I open them up, and Oct 27 (last work day before knee #2 gets done). First come, first CST’d.

Support Sharon’s Ride: Texas Mamma Jamma training update

I’m just biking along, appreciating, truly, that I don’t have to worry about running or walking in this heat. With biking at least you create your own headwind!

I was recently talking to an athlete, and was recalling my first step into triathlon was doing the bike leg on a relay team at Memphis in May (Olympic Triathlon), probably in 2004, before I ever moved to Austin. I completed the 25 mile bike on my mountain bike in just over 90 min. I’ve still got that mountain bike. It’s been a huge help in my knee rehab – it’s got long pedal crank arms, so I get challenge to my range of motion. My road bike used to have the same long crank arms, but I was having a harder time riding it due to body position. We changed out the pedal crank and it’s now much better. Having the right equipment is huge in getting things moving correctly. I’m grateful to have 2 bikes that improve the knee differently.

As I posted on social media yesterday, I’m almost at 82 miles for the month, and only half way thru. It’s surprising how quickly the miles add up! I guess when I’m riding mostly 4 days per week, it’s gonna quickly. I’m quite happy with my long ride being “just” an hour. I also do 30 & 45 min rides to get it all to fit into my week. One of the big keys to getting exercise in – make it fit your life. I don’t have need, or even desire at this point really, to do more than I’m currently doing.

Next year, hopefully, will be a different story!

If you’re ready to support my ride for the Big Pink Bus, you can go to my fundraiser linked to facebook or the Texas Mamma Jamma page. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Taylor & virtual sessions

Taylor hours:

  • Tuesdays, 11a-630p
  • Thursdays, 12n-7p
  • Fridays, 8-130p (or until 12p the weeks I’m in Austin)

Here’s what’s available for the next bit.

  • Tues, 7/18, 215
  • Thurs, 7/20, 2-5p
  • Tues, 8/1, 545p
  • last minute openings happen – keep checking in or ask please!

Austin sessions

Massage, craniosacral therapy, Body Symmetry correction & personal training are now available at this location! Please contact me directly to schedule a Friday session.

Wednesdays, 1-630p

  • July 19, 1p
  • Aug 2, 1p
  • Sept 20, 1 (30 min) & 5p
  • last minute openings happen – keep checking in or ask please!

Fridays – 130-4p

  • August 18 (full)
  • September 8 (full) & 15 (full)
  • No dates in October/November due to Bionic knee #2
  • Dec 8, 130p open
  • last minute openings happen – ask please!

Class schedule

Sign up here. Please note some shifts are happening now. A few more to come when cross country starts. Please pre-register for Taylor Track Time (T3) – there have been cancellations due to excessive heat. Also, there will be no T3 on 7/27 or 8/10 due to other commitments.

Whew that was longer than I anticipated… Lots going on, and even more coming. I appreciate you reading this far! If I said something to inspire you, I’d love to hear about it!