I teased you with it in the last Hello Sunshine, and now…

It’s here!

The first of 2 info emails about guinea pig opportunities:

Corrective Exercise Programming

Got 1 shoulder higher than the other?

Low back a chronic issue?

Other injuries that just seem to keep coming up…

over and over and over again?

Session 1: Let’s take a look at your foundation. 

I’ll evaluate the alignment of your pelvis, shoulders, spine, uh, everything. Make some serious notes so we can show change later. I’ll give you a thing or 2 to do at home to start working on your re-alignment. 

You’ll have your home program available on an app. You mark you do it. It holds you accountable. I check in. You check in.

Session 2-4: Quicker evaluation of your foundation, & update your home program. 

You continue home program. App continues to hold you accountable.

Session 5: Deeper look at your foundation again. 

See what’s changed. If your re-alignment is now holding.

Then we decide:

  • continue,
  • you good, or
  • incorporate into other formats? 

It’s the consistency that is going to get you out of your chronic issues. Expect to spend a year working on your issues, and then maintenance. 

Sessions are 30 min long for this guinea pig.


1st & 2nd session would be schedule a week apart.

2nd thru 5th session would be scheduled every 2 weeks.

I acknowledge it is summer. Schedules go awry. Do your best, schedule ASAP so that you get in & it works for you. 

For the package option, you must start by June 15. 

Individual sessions: $30 ($60/h)

5 sessions package price: $125 ($50/h)

After July, rate is $90/hour

(I’ll decide session length after this guinea pig time frame is up)


 1) buy your package

2) schedule your sessions, in Taylor or Austin

3) be ready to learn, be held accountable, and feel better.