My knee is going to affect the schedule, again…


Saw my orthopedist on Tuesday, and he finally took x-rays of the ankle that has been bugging me since I came out of surgery. My fibula (2nd lower leg bone) is somewhere on the spectrum of “jammed” to “displaced”. So I’ve got an appt with an ankle specialist coming up. 

And cuz my knee isn’t where it should be, the knee Doc wants to do manipulation under anesthesia (end of Feb), and I’m required to have PT daily for 2 weeks after that. 

Needless to say, this is all going to have to take precedence. If I can schedule these PT sessions without affecting the studio schedule, I will. Alas, I’m sure I’ll need to make some adjustments. The good news is that I’ll need to have these scheduled before he does the manipulation, so we’ll have advance notice & should be able to shift. I know Friday will be affected, cuz the place I’m going is only open Friday til 12. 

The knee will get inflamed again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to drive, or how long I’ll be out. 

This has certainly not been the recovery I expected. I genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding as I continue to go thru this process. 

And then we’ll have to see what the ankle doc says…