Austin studio price update


In order to keep up with the rising cost of life, I’m updating the Austin studio rates. I’m choosing to raise only these due to the extra costs associated with them – rent, gas & highway tolls.  

  • If I’ve already got you in the calendar thru March, you’re good for the current rate until next quarter. If you are an every other week client, this is you.
  • If you are an “irregular” client, prices will go up with any sessions booked after March 1, 2023 – so go ahead and book now to keep the current rate for a bit longer. If you are a once a month or at random client, this is you.
  • If I end up rescheduling a current session and you’re on a monthly pre-pay, you’ll get the current rate as well.

How much is it going up? $10 per hour. Just like current rate, it’s this rate x the length of your session, ie:

  • 30 min session – $50
  • 45 min session – $75
  • 1h session – $100
  • CST sessions – $130

As my knee & ankle permit, I’ll be doing more standing work, but I’m also still going to need to be seated to keep swelling down. Starting next week, it’ll be more normal than it’s been. 

Thanks for understanding, and I genuinely appreciate your understanding. 

Got questions? Please ask!

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