Ice storm, power outages, and extreme glam camping, and Cousin Amy went home

What a week.

lLooking back on my calendar, my original surgery date was Jan 30, I got in on a cancellation for Dec 7. I am so grateful. Not sure I’d like to be in the initial stages of recovery with no power. I was freezing right after surgery as it was – for about the first 2 weeks. That on top of no power. No. Thank. You. As it is now, the house is about 60 degrees with no power, which is just camping for me. My worst part is that I need to move – just my nature and it helps me keep warm. My knee is protesting as I write this (Saturday), saying I’ve been on it too much. Once I get power, I’ll gladly show hole myself with Discovery+ and catch up on my home improvement shows. Evidently I should get some power saws… I would have been able to work on more projects. The oscillating tool has its limits.

The storm hit on Tuesday, I lost power Wed morning ( 6-8a or so), the really lost it at 8p… as of this writing (Sat noon), I’m still without power. Having almost 3 full days off due to lack of power – no bueno. I had just been thinking how grateful I am to be able to do virtual sessions since COVID started. Depending on the week, about half my sessions are virtual. I love it. It just adds to my variety. But I need power to do those. Generator just moved up my list of home improvements.

Neighbors had said they heard (you know, that grapevine thing), that we should have power back by Sunday at the latest. Everything will hopefully be as scheduled. If I’m still powerless, I’ve got a few local friends that do have power that I might be able borrow a little space from for work.

AND #cousinextraordinaire Amy went home on Thursday. Yeah. Happy. Sad. Grateful. Even with no power that morning, the roads were clear once out of Taylor, and she got to the airport, managed an earlier flight (her original one was delayed, but ohhh… this one was too and it’s leaving soon!). She arrived Dec 4, left Feb 2. Neither of us expected her to be here this long, and grateful, again, that she was available.

Next appt with the surgeon is Feb 7 (Tues). We’ll see what he says on this knee, and if we get to schedule the other one yet – if I can get it in before end of April, I’ll be good. Otherwise, I’ll probably wait until Oct to do the left knee. Having to wear a compression stocking at any point in summer would trigger a hot flash way too often. The heat does it enough any way!

On to studio stuff.

Taylor & updates

  • For Personal Pilates sessions, I’ve already started being back in my wheelie chair. I’m going to have to see day by day if how many I’m able to do. I might end up back in the red chair if I’ve got more than 1 in person session per day.
  • for traditional massage clients I’ll be doing 1 per day. I’ve got a lot of medical massage & CST sessions, so hopefully I’ll be able to do your session as scheduled. I’ll let you know if not, of course. Again, too much time weight on my knee makes for an unhappy & swollen knee.

openings for the next bit:

  • 2/9, Thurs, 245p
  • 2/14, Tues, 215p-330p
  • 2/16, Thurs, 330p

Austin updates

So the fun part – since driving the distance in is still a challenge, I need time to ice after I arrive. I’m not sure if I need to get there any earlier yet or not. But I should be able to start expanding the schedule out again. I’ll need to limit to 1 traditional massage per day (need to build time on the leg slowly) but I think I’ve got enough variety w clients that I should be good. I’ll be in touch, fear not!

Please let me know if you’re looking for a slot here. Nothing at the moment, but you know how my schedule changes.

Class schedule

My PT Chris said to add in some weight bearing activity, so I’m gonna start doing a little bit more of classes. This month I’ll be doing more of the Tuesday EUTM & Thursday vini-chair-yoga.