Slowly back to reality, knee cooperation, and the loss of a fluffy

I’m almost 6 weeks out. Daily life is getting much easier. I can drive short trips (Hutto is my limit as I write this). Eighty percent of daily activities I can do easily. It’s the small things that get me. I was watering the front plants the other day and got wound up in the hose. There was a scary moment when I was trying to lift my right foot out of the hose area that I felt very unsteady, unsafe. I paused, set the foot back down, calmed the panic, refrained from calling Amy for help, and after a few breaths, got myself out.

I can go up & down the step stool very carefully now. I can carry the laundry basket, full, out to the line & put it up. I am walking 0.3 miles almost daily. It’s nice to get outside. Could I do more? Very like, but I don’t want to push it yet. It’s working, Maybe after physical therapy this Thursday, I do the full block up & back, instead of half way -I’m in the middle of it. I tried the indoor bike once. It didn’t go well. Physical therapist said to wait until we did it in the clinic before trying again.

Because of limiting my weight bearing (and hence swelling) of my knee, I’ve taken traditional massages off the scheduler for now. Please see previous post/email for more details & what IS available during this time. I’ll get you an update on 2/7/23 after I see the doctor again. I’ve blocked off any open slots thru 3/1/23 so I can manage this day better. I’d gotten up to 6 clients on Wed. I’m going to have to build back in to that slowly.

RIP Gypsy, my heart. You are loved, and you are missed.

Some of you may have seen over on Facebook that Gypsy passed away on Jan 7, 2023. Stomach cancer took her quickly, unexpectedly. We’re all still in the grieving process, with Allister being affected the most. He & Gypsy were adopted together over 11 years ago. He feels her absence, we all do. He’s always been my ‘sensitive’ cat.

Taylor openings

  • Tues, 1/17, 1-330p
  • Thurs, 1/19, 115-3p
  • Fri, 1/20, 1230p (30 min only)
  • Thurs, 1/26, 345p (30 min only)

Wednesdays in Austin

I’m still limiting the number of client here for a bit as I still have to see how I do on the drive in. I can feel myself getting better, not as worn out as compared to the first week. I’ve got a few people I still need to get in for make ups.

Class schedule update

In my effort to stay off my leg, I’m teaching from the chair until my next doctor appt. So if you’ve been wanting someone to really keep an eye on you, this is your chance! Come join us!




  • 11a: Vini-chair-yoga, 30 min
  • EUTM is cancelled on Thursdays ONLY for thru Feb 9 at the moment. More updates as they come in.