and the orthopedist said…

Knee update 1/10/23

to continue limited weight bearing on my new knee.

Why, you ask?

It’s got more swelling that “normal” for 5 weeks out. My range of motion is still limited, in part due to swelling. 

So I’ve got another month of taking it easy. Of non-weight bearing. 

The good news

Personal Pilates sessions, classes & all online sessions are good to go!

The ‘hmmmmm’ news

Traditional massage is still out.  I’ve taken it off the list of services for the time being. If you’ve got a traditional massage between now & Feb 7, I’ll be in touch the week or so before to ask what you want to do – change format, cancel, etc. 

If you have a more ‘medical’ type massage, where I’m working on specific issues, you’re good to go. I can work seated for these.

Craniosacral therapy sessions are good to go. Again, I can work seated.

Wednesdays in Austin

This also means I still am not able to drive. As long as Amy is here, I can come in town on Wednesdays. We’ve not yet decided on her leave date. Stay tuned. 

If you prefer to change your format now, please let me  know. If you’ve got questions, ask!

This was important enough, I felt it warranted being sent out on it’s own.  I appreciate you so very much.