Hello, Sunshine!

Your guide to everything under the Moon, the Amber Moon, for the week of 9/27/21

My personal walk-to-run program has taken the next step – actual walking! This was planned to coincide with vacation. About a month prior, my friend that’s helping me learn Star Magic, and using me as a guinea pig, the knee began to feel remarkably better. Instead of jumping in and starting running again, I took a month to really focus on strengthening the muscles involved – aka everything that crosses the knee. Daily specific exercises in addition to all the classes I teach, biking, and self myofascial release. So that by the time I got to vacation, the knee felt strong.

On the way up to South Dakota, we had lots of little walking breaks as we drove. We visited and did small hikes in 2 national parks. Each time we stopped, I focused on QUALITY walking: Where am I walking from? Is everything engaging that should be, and at the right time? Am I balanced right to left? Does it feel even? Are joints moving like they are supposed to? These questions and more ran thru my head each time I walked. The vacation started with lots of small walks adding up to 1mi (the minimum goal per day), and maxed out at about 4. The knee fatigued on the longer walks, but came back the next day feeling good. Uphills felt great, as long as my technique was good. Downhills were ok. The flats were the most challenging.

Now that I’m home, all the angles eel good. It was the gradual progression that the knee needed. I just still have to go slow and let my pace pick up gradually, and only have to stop and reset myself on occasion now. I’m still continuing my 1mi/day minimum, have resumed biking, and on Tuesday, all the Studio classes resume. I’ve registered for a 5k here in Taylor with my Walk-to-Run/Tuesday Track peeps – I’ll walk it. I want at least a month of ‘just’ walking before I start running. That said, I’ve also got a trail race I’m registered for in November – I won’t be running much by then. I’m ok with hiking it though. I need to build my endurance for the 6.2 miles I’ll need to cover.

And I’ll be using pics from my vacation for the Hello Sunshine background pic here for a bit. We all get to enjoy it!

New stuff coming – on Social Media

Once my brain got a break, I got new ideas churning – an these will be posted on Facebook and/or Instagram. These will be weekly things starting in the next few weeks:

  • Get a glimpse of the Moon (name still in process) – but the idea is a “sneak peak” or “dive deeper” into what all goes on here at Amber Moon Studio – classes, private sessions, my way of thinking, process, cool stuff I’ve learned. You get the gist? This will be a LIVE video – most likely on Mondays, but I’ll need to see how things go. It’ll also be at a random time as I figure it out. And it’ll depend on my mood. Do it before I go train, after lunch, before I start any evening clients? Who the heck knows. I’ll try to post on FB with an approx. time, but you can also catch it on the replay. Plans are it’ll get moved over to YouTube as well.
  • Evolution of an Athlete, and Evolution of a Coach – following a few of my athletes as they relive their journey with me, as well as my journey as a coach. You’ll get one post on FB & IG weekly.

Did you do YouTube classes while I was out?

Did you come up with any titles AND descriptions so you can get your $10 credit on your account? Email them to me along with the link to the video, and I’ll see if its a keeper!

Austin – Massage: The Driveway series

This is now ONE SERVICE on my scheduler. This list below is included in the description so you know each week’s location.

  • Sept 29: Anderson Mill/183 area – 230 & 4p are open
  • Oct 6: Rattan Creek neighborhood – 5p open
  • Oct 13: Anderson Mill/183 area
  • Oct 20: Rattan Creek neighborhood
  • Oct 27: Anderson Mill/183 area

Group schedule for this week