Hello Sunshine

Your guide to everything under the Amber Moon, the week of 7/12/21

In June, I started swimming again. Taylor has a lovely outdoor pool. 2 pools in fact – one with all the play stuff for kids, and then one that is open swim & lap swim. I’ll admit, it’s been quite lovely. There aren’t many lap swimmers here, so I’m pretty much guaranteed a free double lane. I regularly go up and ask the guards questions that trigger a “huh? Ummm…” response. The day that I’m writing this, I asked the guard going to her stand if she wanted me to practicing my drowning act (“red ball drill”) so that she could practice her lifeguard skills. She laughed, said she was good. Then walked a few paces farther, and mentioned that maybe I could come to one of their practice sessions, and they can get real life experience. Courtesy of the snorkel & being an athlete, I have really good breath control. We shall see what comes of it. Yeah, I like to keep it entertaining. They know me asking questions. And paying in $3 bags of coins (only a few quarters).

I think I’ve been pool swimming once since COVID started – and just wasn’t comfy, so didn’t go back. A year makes a big difference. I appreciate that the pool is relatively empty, the kids are divided between the 2 pools, and I get to be outside even more. I’ll cross the swimming after Labor Day bridge when it arrives. I miss that my old ‘hood had a year round heated outdoor pool. *sigh*

So what did you drop with COVID started? You ready to get back to it yet? What do you need to do – how do you need to prepare for success? Also, what’s keeping you (real or potential) from restarting? Maybe starting something brand new is on your horizon. Why wait? Do it NOW. Prepare for it NOW. Get your ducks in a row. Practice herding cats. Whatever you gotta do…so you can take care of YOU!

Support local food producers – Farm House Delivery

Who’s been wanting to try FARMHOUSE DELIVERY??? Locally sourced food, organic, and brought straight to your door. They also have meal kits. This is where I get the meat I’m currently eating – it just tastes that much better. During the COVID shutdown, I also got a good chunk of my produce from here. Saved me a trip to the store, being around people, and feeling unsafe. I am truly grateful for them. Totally worth spending a little more & supporting local business.

Use that coupon code BOON, and it will waive your membership fee AND give you $10 off your first order of $60 or more. You get perks for using the code… and I get some too! I know you want to help keep me fed!

Another reason to come to Taylor – Curio Mrvosa

A just-opened vintage bookstore & more at 302 N. Main St. in downtown Taylor. One of my Walk-to-Run program participants owns it. Come on out for your driveway massage, some book shopping. I mean really, is there anything better?

Everything Under the Moon

Everything Under the Moon (EUTM) is the class I created during last September. Something for my non-yoga & non-Pilates people. Have you given it a try yet? There are classes on the YouTube channel you can access, or come join me live online – Tues & Thurs 430-5p. A 30 min class. You are totally worth it.

EUTM combines stretching, balance, and strength. I have always been active and am now dealing with arthritis. Sharon is helping me to maintain and extend my range of motion with movements that are fun and challenging. EUTM is exactly what I need to improve flexibility and core strength without pain.

– Sarah Jane, participant since its inception in September 2020

Walk-to-Run program

So why SHOULD you walk like you run? Efficiency. Effectiveness. Injury prevention. If you do both with the same technique – and in good form – it’s just easier on your body. You don’t have to “switch” into running mode. You’re already there. Not in Taylor, and want to know more? I’m available Saturday mornings after the Friday Run on Saturday for individual run or walk form work. It’s now on the calendar as a Run Form Analysis session.

Massage: The Driveway Series

  • July 14: RCN Days – 315, 445 & 530 currently open
  • July 21: Great Hills area – 230 & 4p are open
  • July 28: RCN Days – 315, 445 & 530 currently open
  • Aug 4: Great Hills area – 230 & 4p are open

I guess I need to start working on August & September hosts, cuz it’ll be here before I know it!

Open slots are subject to change.

If you’re interested in coming on and RCN Days Wed, and not a resident of the Rattan Creek neighborhood, let me know. If I’ve got open slots going into that week, you’re in like Flynn. I’d rather fill them then be empty.

Class schedule for this week

Please keep in mind some of the classes are small. Or people forget. Or life happens. If there’s no one in class, I wait 10 min for late comers, and then log out.