September 2016: Everything Under the Moon… Amber Moon that is!

Deepening my Craniosacral Therapy skills

if you have any jaw issues (eg TMJ dysfunction), i’m going to be learning more about how to do Craniosacral work for this area of the body. feel free to book your session NOW cuz you know how my schedule gets. as a result of the training, the Studio will be closed starting on friday,  Sept 23 at 12n thru Oct 4. we shall resume the fun on Wed, Oct 5.


Pilates class on Thursdays, Yoga class on Fridays

Yes! I’m adding a new class – viniyoga on fridays, 1030a, starting on Oct 21, 2016. it’ll be about an hour class. i’ll have the schedule cleared so you can come in at set up 15 min prior to start. i think i’ve got all the private clients cleared beyond that. if not, i may have to to some schedule tweaking w the class or the client.

registration is now open for September, October, & November. i will check in w everyone that is attending regularly to see what schedules look like for December.

  • $15/class drop in
  • September Pilates: $48 for 4
  • October Yoga: $24 for 2
  • October Pilates: $48 for 4
  • November Pilates or Yoga: $36 for 3
  • No classes Nov 24 or 25.
  • no refunds for missed classes if PIF.

Put me in, Coach!

  • Swim technique tip: pinkies on the edges“.  its a drill to help you keep your hands wide while you are swimming.  please be entertained by my videography skills… or my webdesign skills. for some reason the video is upside down here, right side up outside this format. ah, technology. anyway, with this drill, turn your kickboard long ways, and literally keep your little finger on the edge. always bring it back to the same spot after you stroke. this is teaching you to keep your arms wide, to not cross midline, which in turn makes your swim straighter with less irritation on the shoulders. this will eventually lead you to another drill, zombie arms.

and if you’re wondering about the video bobble on the end, that’s me running into the ladder. i was focused on the video, not where i was going. no injuries were sustained in the making of this video. our swim model, IronAnnie, is my current swim buddy, and i’ve coached her swims for 2 full IronMan races. go Annie!


  • Run technique tip: last month we focused on your big toe, getting mobility through it. now let’s focus on where you place your foot as your are running. if you heel strike, ie foot waaaaay out in front, you send a lot of force up through your ankles, knees, hips & low back. if you run on the balls of the feet, that’s a lot of stress on the metatarsals, the arches, knees, and esp calves. ideally your feet are landing as close to your body as possible. they’re not going to be directly under you, but it should almost feel like it. this gives you a short ground contact point, allows the body to store some “spring” so as your body moves over your foot, then has more energy for push off. your stride should be relatively short, and think about most of it being behind you – imagine the Roadrunner… his wheels are spinning behind him, not in front. this takes practice & awareness.

    heel striker

    She’s a heel striker. are you?

  • Wellness coaching tip: keep a calendar of what you are trying to change. a paper calendar. its calendareasy, its in front of you, and works even if the power goes out. my sister recently started this, tracking when she exercised, and has really helped her be consistent, as well as identify patterns. show the calendar to your friends, family. ask for their help in keeping you on track.
  • Coaching tip: why get a coach? cuz i sit down and talk to YOU, to find out what your interests are, what your life is like, and come up with a plan that works for you for your goals – maybe its running, triathlon, getting over injuries, holding you accountable. Coaching is about YOU.

Schedule updates

Reminder: if you are a weekly client, and know you are going to be out any days in September, October or November, please let me know ASAP so i can update my schedule. and then i might end up with more openings for last minute massages! or even pre-planned ones 🙂

Please always check my online scheduler first, then let me know if you don’t find anything. i try to keep it as updated as possible.

  • Mondayclosed – office hours only (i work on training plans, with wellness coaching clients)
  • Tuesday8a- 415p (lunch/training time from 1030a-130p)
  • Wednesday8a-1015a
  • Thursday1115a-630p (Pilates class 530-630p)
  • Friday9a-12n, 230-330p (Yoga class 1030-12)
  • CLOSED Sept 23 12n – Oct 4.

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