August 2016: Everything under the Moon… Amber Moon, that is!

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So that i can help maintain my energy level, moving our beloved Pilates class to Thursdays, 530-630p (time still might be shifted). Please contact me for more details. Starts August 11, 2016.

Registration is now open for August & September (already? noooooooo). now that i’ve had 5 people in a class, i’m realizing that’s about all that will really fit comfortably, so i am limiting the size of the class to 5. also, that’s about the extent of my toy volume.

  • $15/class drop in
  • AUGUST $36 for 3
  • SEPTEMBER $48 for 4
  • no refunds for missed classes if PIF.

Put me in, Coach!

  • Roll through your big toeRun technique tip: learn to walk like you should run… it’ll help your run be more natural…more tips on how to do this each month! first tip: roll thru your big toe! yes! its a key factor in EVERYTHING. if you don’t have the flexibility in your big toe (we should be able to get to 60 degrees of extension), it going to affect everything. yes! you CAN improve it…slowly put with into the ball of the foot while lifting the heel, keep weight equal across big & little toes (or, keep ankles from rolling out). this will gradually stretch out your big toe tendons, and then we can work on the rest of the kinetic chain. Ready? Set? Stretch your big toe!no body roll
  • Swim technique tip: body roll… i see it all the time – people swim flat. this decreases the value of the whole body effort, and can increase risk of injury to the shoulder.  even with Olympicians (did you watch the trials? i did!), there is a turn of the hips & shoulders! the pic here –> shows no body roll… ie flat swimming.
  • Wellness coaching tip: One thing a week. a lot of people try to reach their wellness/fitness/healthy lifestyle goals all at once. the trick to being successful – small changes, typically 1 until you’ve got it down, then add another. too many changes at once is too overwhelming. Things to try: more steps, adding 1 healthy food to your eating pattern, make sure you eat at least 3 times a day (skipping meals promotes storage of calories). need help? gimme a call! wellness coaching is a weekly contact (phone, in person, email) to hold you accountable, find out why things work/didn’t work, and to help you learn your triggers.
  • Training Peaks tip: if you need help with your training program, or wellness coaching accountability, take a look at Training Peaks! you can get the basic version for free, and if you list me as your coach, i can take a look. its what i use to plan my race prep, as well as my run & triathlon athletes. it does has a small cost on my end, but it is included in your training program if you are being coached by me. i can preplan w this program. another free option if you just want to record what you are doing, without the pre-planning, is MyFitnessPal. Again you’d need to give me permission to see what you are doing.

Now which house is it…???

i’m slowly moving the garden in to the back, and the other plants out front as slowly being redistributed to appropriate locations. i’ve still got lots of work to do. so please start working on other identifiers so we all transition easily 🙂

Schedule updates

my client schedule will be shifting again with school starting soon, so just a heads up… can’t predict when the regularly “open” spots will occur until things settle down in… September? October?

Reminder: if you are a weekly client, and know you are going to be out any days in August or September, please let me know ASAP so i can update my schedule… and then i might end up with more openings for last minute massages! or even pre-planned ones 🙂

Please always check my online scheduler first, then let me know if you don’t find anything. i try to keep it as updated as possible.

  • Mondayclosed – office hours
  • Tuesday815a- 415p (lunch/training time from 1030a-130p)
  • Wednesday8a-1015a
  • Thursday1115a-630p (Pilates class 530-630p)
  • Friday9a-12n, 230-330p

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