July 2016: Everything under the Moon, Amber Moon that is

I’ve got some openings this week in case anyone is looking: one
– Tuesday, 6/28, 345p
– Friday, 7/1, 10a & 11a
please go to my online scheduler to claim, or email me back!

Reminder: if you are a weekly client, and know you are going to be out any days this summer, please let me know ASAP so i can update my schedule… and then i might end up with more openings for last minute massages! or even pre-planned ones 🙂

I’ve had a few clients have major schedule shifts, so they’ve had to drop off for a bit, so there ARE more openings than usual, even for summer. Please always check my online scheduler first, then let me know if you don’t find anything. i try to keep it as updated as possible.

The July & August Pilates classes (Tuesdays, 6-7p) are now open for registration! please claim your spot if you want to attend, as space is limited, and it is starting to consistently be fuller.

  • price is $15/class drop inPilates
  • Pay for month in full – $48 at first session (12/ssn) for JULY
  • AUGUST has 5 tuesdays… so $48 for 4, $55 for all 5.
  • no refunds for missed classes if PIF.

Reminder on Studio Hours

  • Monday – closed – office hours
  • Tuesday – 815a – 7p (lunch/training time from 1030a-130p)
  • Wednesday – 8a-1015a
  • Thursday – 1115a-530p
  • Friday – 9a-12n
  • as always, please check my online scheduler for additional openings, then contact me if you don’t see anything. i apologize if i get sticky on staying within office hours, but my days start with me getting up 5 or 530a.

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