Back from vacay, refreshed, ready to GO!

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, 4/28/2024.

Mom’s new bathroom floor

I can now add “lay peel & stick tile in bathroom” to my list of DIY accomplishments. At my mom’s house to be exact. And with the help of #cousinextraordinare Amy. While I did a good bit of kneeling work, she did the majority. I’m actually impressed with how much kneeling I actually did (on a couple kneeling pads, to be clear!). I had some mobility issues getting into tight spaces as well, but managed to lay the tile in the bathroom closet.

I convinced mom to get a little creative with her tile choice, and she loves it. And is now contemplating a new shower curtain. What do you think – does she need one? (click to enlarge picture)

So while vacation was a working vacation, I was still out of my normal routine. It was a little bit more challenging to eat what I needed, but I was able, by day’s end, to balance everything out. Oh, my fun challenges.

I managed to get in 3 walks, and 2 of them had some running – I’m up to 11 minutes now, just not all at once. And I got to run a hill a couple times. Yummy #hillsforbreakfast. More please.

Back at the homestead

There seemed to be a bit of rain while I was gone, and again today (Sunday 4/28). My garden has certainly grown in the time I was away! The cover photo for this Hello Sunshine was taken when I got back. I’ve got squash growing like crazy!

Who’s gonna want some backyard fresh veggies?

I’m still getting lots of cat snuggles, making up for the days I was gone. I awoke at 545a this morning… I mean wide awake. I did let the cats snuggle a bit before I got up. Feels good to wake up refreshed.

While traveling, I had intended to read.

On the flight there, I actually napped. I’d jerk myself awake on occasion. I rarely sleep on planes, but then, it was almost a 3h flight. And I was tired after track season.

On the flight back I did start on the Kindle book Roar:  Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong Body for Life. And realized that I actually prefer to listen. Or maybe I should try to listen AND read at the same time. I’ve got a friend that does that.

Roar is very good and I’m only a chapter or 2 in. I’m actually “hearing” it as I read in the voice that did the Next Level audible book. This amuses me.

What I got out of the first bit I read: those 5 days leading up to your period, ladies, your endurance will be down. You’ll also need more calories. During your period, your endurance is back up. So planning your training AND events around this is important. If you’re a athlete I coach, I’ll be having questions for you as I delve deeper!

In the car, I’m still on Maze Runner. I’ve got about 2h left on it. So I should finish this week. Might need to get Roar on Audio so I can keep the progress going for my next… even though I’ve got several others in the queue!

Taylor & virtual updates

As we approach end of school, and summer, my schedule is starting to shift a bit… Please let me know early if you’re going to be out, and if you’re looking for something regular during this time. Slots are “saved” for when people return from summer activities.

  • 5/3, Fri, open from 11a-1p
  • 5/6, Tues, open from 2-4p
  • 5/8, Thurs, open from 2-4p
  • 5/10, Fri, 11a (however,, also open as an Austin appt… first come, first booked)

Openings subject to change. This is a reflection of this exact moment in time!

Cross country will be starting the week of August 5, and will influence my Taylor & virtual schedules. I’ve already got to it in my calendar, but we may move it to mornings for August. We’ll have to see just how hot this summer gets since we’ve had a lot of rain. We actually had a good plan for evening workouts last year once we moved training to after school that gave the kids a shade break.

Austin updates

Fridays I’ll be at the Austin studio:  5/24 (full); 6/7 (full), 21*; 7/19; 8/2… and then back to normal every other week until end of October.

* = appointments available starting at 12n instead of usual 130p.


  • Fri, 5/10, 12n its not on the calendar, but I have something in Austin that afternoon. I could be talked into a 1h appt. Please contact me directly for this slot.
  • Wed, 5/15, 1p (30 or 45 min only)
  • Wed, 5/22, 445p
  • Wed, 6/5, 1p
  • Starting Wed, 6/12, there are more openings as regulars are on vacation

Online & in-person group shenanigans

You can register for Track thru the City of Taylor.

Viniyoga, Pilates & EUTM are online & thru the studio.

Please note, there will be no Pilates Mat online May 28 or June 4 as my regulars are all unavailable.

Thank you!

I really appreciate you reading all the way through! If something caught your eye, made you think, made you laugh… drop me a note – I always love to hear about it!