Hello Sunshine!

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, 4/14/2024

Recently I’ve had several client compliments, which I thought I’d pass along, with WHY these are important topics:

Her new personal trainer complimented her on her body awareness as she did an overhead press, lifting her chest UP – thoracic extension – instead of swaying low back. I do my best to teach how to move correctly in life, not just during a Pilates or personal training session. I want you to have tools you can then take anywhere, so you get the most out of whatever you are doing, thereby decreasing your risk of injury, and increasing your functionality, your enjoyment of life.

My Pilates client asked if I design each session for the individual (yes, I do!) as it seemed like everyone got the same routine at her previous Pilates studio. You have your own unique needs. Everyone does. Your program is designed around your goals, and what you mentioned upon our check in for that day. It continues to build your overall goals, as well as addressing current issues.

You cue better than my previous person. So important so that you, again, get the most out of your session, get the right muscles to activate, and increase your own self-knowledge.

Change in credit card processing

Just an update on how I take payments. YES, I still take credit cards, they just go thru PayPal now. Again. And I cannot take them in person. If you’re paying by credit card, please pay off the invoice I send.

Other means of paying – Zelle, Venmo, PayPal (direct), good checks, or cash. Ask me next appointment how to set one of these up, quick and easy after your appointment. They also don’t have the usual credit card transaction fee. We all win.

New clients: Until established, you will need to pay by a means other than credit card, OR use your credit card to pre-pay for your session.

Blueberry reads

Finally finished Next Level. And working on a few things I caught better this time:

Creatine: I remember when this first became a hot supplement (1997ish). There’s been a lot more research on it since then. I’m being drawn to it now because it is taking me longer & longer to recover from daily things – a hard or long workout leaves my legs toast for 2 days; being at one of my middle school track meets – an all day thing – wipes me out for about 2-3 days. As I’ve gotten older, it’s been getting worse. In addition to improving recovery, creatine, in combination with strength training, “may help counteract muscle, bone, and strength loss by reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, and bone resportion, while increasing bone formation” due to being post menopausal (p 273).

Tart Cherry Juice: It contains natural melatonin, which we know helps with sleep, and being post-menopausal, I’m not producing what I was. I can take 20 mg in capsule form and sleep may still allude me. Tart cherry juice also has anti-inflammatory products, is high in natural anti-oxidants & polyphenols, so “checks all the boxes for what you need for the reparation process as you sleep” (p 210). While Dr Sims recommends a glass, I also have to be careful with the amount of carbs I intake, as it can set of heart palpitations and hot flashes for me. HEB carries this product.

If these sound like something that might help you, I strongly recommend you read up on it for yourself. The more you know, then better you’ll be able to ask if it’s right for you.

I also got a new book on sleep for my audible adventures: Why we sleep, by Matthew Walker. It’s already added. I don’t even remember hearing about it the first time thru! Yay for re-reads!

Had a client also refer me to another menopause book – so it’s also on my list. I’m gonna be well read on this subject so I can give guidance to those starting this phase of life. There’s a lot of info out there about pre- and peri-menopause, and only a little for those of us post-menopausal. I would have appreciated ALL this info when I was going thru it.

For now though, I’ve gone SciFi and am listening to Maze Runner, book 1. Originally published in 2009, I’d regularly heard about it, but hadn’t read it. Might be for teens, but it’s a nice light book while I’m driving.

Taylor & virtual updates

Not seeing a time slot you need? Ask, please. I can add you to my waitlist.

  • This week is currently full. Please ask to be put on waitlist.
  • I’m out of the office 4/22-26 for a well deserved rest.
  • 5/3, Fri, 11a

Openings subject to change. This is a reflection of this exact moment in time!

Austin updates

With vacation updates coming in, as well as some personal travel, commitments and a July 4 long weekend, Fridays in Austin are a bit of a mess. I’ve got some longer Fridays in Austin, but I’ll also be missing some Fridays… I’m gonna list out the Fridays I’ll be in town just so you’re in the know, and on the 2 days with longer hours, there is overlap… so if a Taylor appt gets scheduled first, Austin slots decrease. I’ve gone ahead and added/adjusted Wednesdays and Fridays thru EOY2024 in the scheduler, for as things stand now.

Fridays I’ll be at the Austin studio:  5/24 (full); 6/7 (full), 21*; 7/19; 8/2… and then back to normal every other week until end of October. * = appointments available starting at 12n instead of usual 130p.


  • Wed, 5/1, 445p (30 or 45 min)
  • Wed, 5/8, 145 (30 min)
  • Wed, 5/15, 530p

Yep, that’s it for a bit. I’ve also got a waitlist for Austin appointments – contact me to get on it.

Online & in-person group shenanigans

You can register for Track thru the City of Taylor.

Viniyoga, Pilates & EUTM are online & thru the studio.

Thank you!

I really appreciate you reading all the way through! If something caught your eye, made you think, made you laugh… drop me a note – I always love to hear about it!