Spring, real sunshine, flowers, baby bunnies & track season

your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, 3/3/2024

Outside! I get to finally be OUTSIDE!!!

You don’t even know how much joy this brings me.

Outside with decent temps.

Outside with my hands in the dirt.

Outside enjoying the breeze.

not actual pic, but pretty darn close… down to the white mark on the forehead!

Laughing at the chickens.

Expanding & planting my garden.

Repotting & sticking plants in the ground.

With all this outside time, I’m reminded of the Massage: The Driveway Series days of COVID, where I realized just how much I like being outside. Those were the perfect summers for that (2020 & 2021). Summer temps these past few years, not so much.

I’ve noticed 3 rabbits in my backyard this winter, and this past weekend found a nest of baby buns. A neighbor was mowing a small section of my yard for me & heard them before anything happened. Don’t worry, they’re ok. Four lil buns. So so cute!

No, I’ve not named them.

The adventure of middle school track has begun! We’ve had 1 quasi-meet so far – no awards, just come get a time and see where you are. Our best 8th grade male miler broke the school record. Next up, he’s gonna break 5 minutes. I’m coaching the distance kids (800, 1600, 4×400) – right up my alley, and also what I ran in high school. Also working with relay hand offs, and helping the kids with a lot of leg aches & pains. I’ve even got a few roll out clinics for them on the calendar so they can help themselves more.

I’ve also been cleared to get on with life – no restrictions per my surgeon. My PT has upped my rehab program to get me ready for the demands of running. A doable and welcome challenge. Until she says “run”, I’m walking more, continuing with biking, and joined Clay Madsen Rec Center so I can get back to swimming while waiting for my outdoor pools to open.

I’m just grateful to be able to be outside, to finally get some outdoor projects moving, to have energy to do them, and to start getting back into a multi-sport athlete mode.

Now I just need to remember the sunscreen on my knee scars!

What is this Spring bringing for you? I’d love to hear.

Admin note

I’ll be putting the 2nd quarter’s regular appointments & classes in soon. Be on the look out. Let me know ASAP if you need to change any regularly scheduled sessions please. You’ll know I’m working on it, cuz if you are regularly scheduled, you’ll be getting lots of emails…

Blueberry Reads

I’ve been working thru 2 audio books of late. Earth Magic explores our early connections with Mother Earth, that loss, and the more recent revival of Wicca. It’s got some meditations in Part 4 that specifically say “do not do while driving”, so I had to start a 2nd book until I could do those at home.

Similar in topic, I chose Wicca Magical Deities. It’s ok. Not going as in depth as I would like, but a nice review of the Roman, Greek & Egyptian cultures along with 3 of their main deities. I took Latin in high school, and my first go at college I was an architecture major, so I love this kind of stuff. Should be wrapping 1 or both of these up soon, and then on to next!

Taylor & virtual openings

Last minute openings happen. Keep an eye on my schedule or reach out if you are looking for & not seeing something that works for you.

  • Tues, 3/5, 3p (may not show, reach out if you want to book this slot please)
  • Tues, 3/12, 2p **Spring Break**
  • Thurs, 3/14, 1130 – 1245 start times available **Spring Break**
  • Tues, 3/19, 345p (may not show, reach out if you want to book this slot please)

Austin openings

Last minute openings happen. Check back on the calendar regularly, or reach out and let me know you’re looking. I also post on FB & IG when these happen, since they are more infrequent. At the moment, Austin is booked solid.

Class schedule

It’s BACK! We’re back at the TRACK! Yes! Taylor Track Time returns with a 3 fold emphasis, encouraging you to get out & move!

  • Walk your way fit – for those of you that just want to walk. Improve technique and understanding of how to maximize your benefits.
  • Walk to run – for those currently walking that want to run, or those that have run before and seem to consistently get injured. Form, technique, and appropriate intervals of running are on your agenda.
  • Taylor Track Time – for those runners that want to improve – get faster, feel better, and enjoy running more.

You can register for Track thru the City of Taylor. Viniyoga, Pilates & EUTM are thru the studio.

And so here we find ourselves, again, at the end of the post. The end of Sunday. I’ve got a lot of things accomplished today, yet dishes & folding laundry are not on that list. *sigh*. I need a break first. What’s still on your list to do?