I’m all sunshine & kale

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, 2/18/2024

Recently one of my Austin office suite mates referred to me, in discussion with her husband, as “all sunshine & kale.” She looked sheepishly at me as she told me this. I broke out into a broad smile.

I love it. It’s very accurate, in my opinion! Made my day, and I’ve used it in various conversations since. Today, I ask you to join me in the humor of it.

And when you think of me, think of sunshine & kale.

Last week was busy. Middle school track season started. I had several medical appointments. I had 8 trips into Round Rock, Austin, or Cedar Park. See below for Blueberry Reads and how I’ve made all that driving enjoyable.

I am grateful for this next Monday, President’s Day, where I don’t have to leave the house if I don’t want to. I get a little down time, a little grounding, and time to replenish of my soul. I’m ready to go stick my hands in dirt & plant my seedlings.

And I really shouldn’t go by Lowes if I’m filling in an empty time slot when in town. Anyone wanna guess what I ended up coming out of there with? Be specific!

Amber Eats: Artichokes

Since this past fall, I’ve been working on incorporating more healthy gut food into my diet. One of these foods is artichokes. Of late, this is has the food with which to I play.

It started out in a kind of chicken alfredo (alfredo more for the sauce than the pasta – cuz there was none), then I got curious about artichoke-spinach dip sans the spinach… substitute in kale.

What about artichoke dip on it’s own? Good, but too heavy for what I wanted.

Hmmmm now let me roast them & see what happens.

Let’s now combine everything into one recipe. My favorite dish, at this writing, has a blend of these taste tests. All in one pan. No baking required.

There’s no official recipe here, rather I’m giving you a peek at what I’m trying, and you can experiment on your own. I’m using frozen artichokes. Why frozen? I prefer less processing, and it’s easier for me to portion out a single serve. Plus, only 50mg sodium vs 350.

The base

Garlic, red onion or leeks, chicken (2-3 tenders or 1 thigh, cut up), artichokes. I’ve tried it with mushrooms & kale as well, and as long as you leave the artichokes dominant, they work. Cook all this first, then add in the sauce. You could totally make this vegetarian. Artichokes are considered a high-protein vegetable with 4.8g per 1 cup.

The ‘alfredo’

  • chicken broth/bone broth (veggie if going vegetarian)
  • Violife Vegan cream cheese (2T or 1/4 container) – I get the kind with chives for more flavor. Cooking more than 1 serving? Make it 2T per serving, a little more if you want thicker, a little less if you prefer thinner.
  • Adams Reserve White Wine & Garlic Butter seasoning. I happened upon this at a sample station in HEB. Also really good on steak with a small dallop of butter. Yum.
  • Dill (pairs well with artichoke)
  • Parmesan – again, I went vegan here – happened upon it when cousin Amy was here last over at the Hutto HEB. Good. Stuff.
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • some sort of thickener – the Adams Reserve will do it some, but I add a little cassava flour/broth blend just to thicken it a bit.

Let it heat through, pour into a bowl. Enjoy.

If you give this a try, let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your variations.

Blueberry Reads

Since I’ve been zipping thru books while driving Blueberry, I thought you might be entertained by my reading selection. No, it’s not all fitness. It’s a variety. Kinda like everything I do.

I finished 80/20 triathlon. I started this one as I published the previous Hello, Sunshine. It was so good. Not a lot of new info, but refining, tweaking, and a better definition here & there. It’s even influenced MY training as I re-laid out my plan to get ready for my 2 aquabikes this summer.

Another one I started – and just finished – is Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art. Again: So. Good. I highly recommend this for everyone. It shows us how our current state of the breath is damaging us, and explores a whole variety of ways to improving your well being by changing your breath. It was a well researched easy read. Luckily, I was in & out of Austin a lot this week, so I got it done quickly. I mentioned it to 2 people, and they’d already read it. I’m behind the curve!

I don’t know what book is next… I think something a little off topic from the previous 3.

One thing I DO know: I’ve missed reading. Part of my immune issues affects my ability to sit & read for long periods (except for flights – I can totally finish a Kindle book then). Maybe these books are so good cuz I’ve been reintroduced?

Have a book you’d recommend? Let me know! I’ll take a look at it.

Taylor & Virtual openings

Last minute openings happen. Keep an eye on my schedule or reach out if you need something not showing.

  • Thurs, 2/22/24, open from 1245p, then open 315-445p
  • Thurs, 2/29/24, open 2-4p
  • Tues, 3/5/24, open 245-430p

Austin openings

  • Wed, 2/14/24, 145p (30 min only)
  • Wed, 2/21/24, open from 1-315p
  • Wed, 2/28/24, 1 or 115p

Last minute openings happen. Check back on the calendar regularly, or reach out and let me know you’re looking. I also post on FB & IG when these happen, since they are more infrequent.

Coaching middle school track affects my late appointment (after 5p) on Wednesdays only. Some track meets are on Fridays when I’m in town, but should not interfere.

Virtual Classes

Two weeks until Taylor Track resumes on Thursdays…. are you ready?

It’ll be virtual classes until then – sign up online, and purchase your package for the best pricing.