Hello, Sunshine!

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, for the week of 8/30/21

Yeah, totally just starting this now. I was in Houston learning more distance healing & having fun over the weekend. This morning, I was missing my mountain bike, and had a list of things to do in Austin, so I combined the 2 instead of getting this out. #priorities

This Wed, there are still 2 openings for the Austin Massage: The Driveway series, and we’re off Anderson Mill, west of 183.

Let’s make a deal – if you’ve not yet tried an online class, what would it take to get you there?

Please note the Studio will be closed Sept 15-24.

Austin – Massage: The Driveway series

This is now transitioned into ONE SERVICE on my scheduler. This list below is included in the description so you know each week’s location.

Sept 1: Great Hills area – 230 & 4 p currently open
Sept 8: Rattan Creek neighborhood
Mon Sept 13: Great Hills area
Please note Studio will be closed 9/15- 24.
Sept 29: Great Hills area
Oct 6: Rattan Creek neighborhood
Oct 13: Great Hills area
Oct 20: Rattan Creek neighborhood
Oct 27: Great Hills area

All dates are Wed unless otherwise noted.

While I had been intending for an indoor Austin space for October, I’m gonna keep it on the driveway while our COVID cases stay up. Being inside is just not appealing at the moment. I’ll revist once we are IN October.

If you’re interested in coming on an RCN Days Wed, it is now open on my scheduler.

Group schedule for this week