Hello Sunshine

Your guide to everything under the Moon, The Amber Moon, week of 8/9

Once again, it’s Monday, and I’m not even started. So, short. Sweet. Bullet points.

In Austin – I’ve got 230 & 5p openings this week for Massage the Driveway series in Rattan Creek (the old hood). Grab your session while it’s still open!

Bullet point. That’s it. Maybe I should start next week’s NOW??????

Massage: The Driveway Series

For my regulars, I’m going to stop requiring the COVID & Massage form. I think you get it by now. You’ve been good. If you’re an irregular, or once a month, I’ll still have you do it. Please keep in mind that even though folks are using the phrase “post-pandemic” – we are not. At least at Amber Moon Studio. All COVID protocols remain in place.

  • Aug 11: RCN Days
  • Aug 18: Great Hills area
  • Aug 25: RCN Days
  • Sept 1: Great Hills area
  • Sept 8 RCN Days
  • Mon Sept 13: Great Hills area.
  • Please note Studio will be closed 9/15- 24.

All dates are Wed unless otherwise noted. Open slots are subject to change.

If you’re interested in coming on an RCN Days Wed, it is now open on my scheduler.

Group schedule for this week





  • 530a: Friday Run – Birthday Hills (Austin) – use code BDHills & Get $3 off the drop in rate – for today only!
  • 11a: Viniyoga