Everything Under the Moon…the Amber Moon, October edition

Lots going on here – but most importantly, I’ll be on vacation from Sept 21-25. Expect crickets as I disconnect.

I’m also realizing that with this type of schedule, I’m gonna need quarterly vacations, so I’ve set Dec 24 (starting at 12n) to Jan 1 as “off” already. With being immunocompromised, I’m probably not doing any destination races any time soon, so I may go ahead & set the rest of 2021 before long.

scheduler update: if it uploads to your calendar – only puts in the correct link for the first session of the block… you’ll need to use the email reminder (30 min prior) to get into the correct virtual session, unless i’ve told you to do otherwise.

I’ve got a whole list of things for you, so let’s get this party started!

New classes & updated schedule

Sept has been a great month for experimenting, playing, and progressing! I’m finally seeing the background work I’ve been doing (“the long game”) playing out. And with it comes … new classes! 2 different series, in fact!

I had a great group of people beta testing my new class – “Everything Under the Moon” – this month, and it goes onto the schedule for October! If you sign up for this class, or any other, and aren’t able to make, let me know and I will send you a link (with an expiration date), or sign up for YouTube all access and you can access it any time you want. Contact me directly for this, please.

This class takes everything I know from 30 years’ of experience across many different modalities, and puts it into a unique class.  It’s got bodyweight strength, flexibility, balance, stability, and mobility. It includes full body integration movements, coordination, and will open up your joints making you feel less restricted – even though you thought you felt fine coming in! After class, you’ll feel much more open through your joints, less restricted – and you may have felt fine coming in!

What you will need for this class is:
– 36″ foam roller or cane/walking stick (rubber grip on end)
– yoga mat or something sticky to keep the end of your 36″ foam roller in place.
– Optional equipment: 4ft + resistance bands (start with light resistance), & other household objects.   

You can sign up NOW for October! If you plan on coming randomly, go ahead & sign up – if once or twice a week, there is a discount – email me & I’ll get you an invoice. Packages will be up & running for November classes.

The 5 min #computerdetox on FB & IG is still free, and moving to 10a Tu – Fri. I’m paying attention to insight data from each outlet, and have noted that most people catch it when they can. So we’re gonna try this for a month – early in the day, then you get it anytime after 10a.

Lunchtime Mind break & refresh; and a 30 min #computerdetox (all 30 min), consisting of 4 classes:

  • Tues 1215p: Mind Break & Refresh: Viniyoga in service of Meditation
  • Wed 1145a: DIY Reformer (existing class, need a set of bands – link in class description – and previous experience with Pilates is very helpful)
  • Thurs 1215p: Mind Break & Refresh: Everything Under the Moon (a gentler class than the 415p version). A 36″ foam roller or cane/walking stick required)
  • Fri 1145a: 30 min #computerdetox (tennis ball & foam roller required, other toys may be recommended & used along the way) (not yet in scheduler, coming at end of week)

At the end of work

Tu & Th 415p – Everything Under the Moon. (36″ foam roller or cane/walking stick required)

There is a discount on the drop in rate ($18 for 1 h classes; $12 for 30 min) if you pay up front for regularly attended classes. I’m going to post/email a special for the lunch & 415 p classes here when I get back from vacation (maybe during), so stay tuned. If you are interested, let me know ASAP!

There will also be new PACKAGES for classes coming thru my scheduler in November. I’ll be adding folks for October, after that, you’ll be able to mix & match more.

The Driveway Series, updated for Fall

I’ll be expanding into Wed afternoon and dropping Wed evening as we move into October. I’ve not edited it yet in the scheduler, but will get that done when I’m back on the computer.

Informal teaching of massage techniques

You’ve expressed interest in this session, and I’m still working out the details. You know there’s gonna be more than just techniques, as I don’t want anyone hurting anyone. I’m thinking i can cover neck & shoulders (which also includes the back) in about 4 weeks. Some of you work, so Wed at 530p starting October 7? These would be virtual sessions, maybe an hour? up to 90 if needed? 

You won’t need a guinea pig until the 2nd one. There will be some basic anatomy, and I’m also going to suggest you sign up for 1 (2?) driveway sessions (I’ll create a separate session booking option just for this), bring your guinea pig, and we’ll talk about your specific techniques & body mechanics. This will be swedish massage only. 

Topics covered: Anatomy as it pertains to massage; body mechanics; and massage techniques

Study materials: Sieg & Adams Illustrated anatomy cornstarch, bowl, watergolf ball, tennis ball, various pillows, cushions etc. It’d be nice if you have a massage table, but use a couch or a bed if you need. don’t go buy one just yet. You can find them used on Craigslist. 

Price: Still working on this. I’ve got a minimum I want to make, so it’ll depend on numbers. I’d like to keep it around $100 for the virtual sessions, driveway would be separate, since some of you might want/need it, others not.

If you’ve not already said you’re interested, please let me know asap. This is still in the planning stages.

Here’s the graphic representation of October schedule:

Homemade Goodness

Coming in October! Homemade products that are good for you. Currently working on making a variety of soaps, keeping ahead on the laundry soap, and making a good batch of the foaming hand soap. Got your own container? I can refill, help protect the environment, and decrease your price! Stay tuned for more!

  • Lotion (will be available on the scheduler shortly – you sign up for your pick up date!)
  • Laundry detergent
  • Foaming hand soap
  • Bar Soap

A September to Remember

I started this on social media at the start of the month, and after the first week my neck said “no more!”. Alas, I got 4 in. I had great plans for this series, and at some point, It’ll return. Until then, you can read them via FB, IG.

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