A September to Remember: Inspiration & Gratitude during these COVID times

In the midst of #TheseCOVIDtimes, I’ve got so much gratitude, so much inspiration…as we embark on this 7th month, I’m taking the time to reflect. Join me on my journey!

Day 4: Taking advice from #yourdailyPinto

I had grand ideas for a post today, but after the first three days, and realizing just how much it goes into getting a post ready to go out, my neck has said that I need a break. Yes, I could type another post like the last two, but there would be consequences. I know those consequences, they are familiar friends. At the moment, I choose to honor what the neck is asking, and stay off the computer. 

I am grateful for all of my injuries, all of my issues, because they are such great teachers, and I really have learned that it is necessary to listen to them. By this point I know the consequences of doing something inappropriate for my internal friends, so I can pick and choose. 

I choose to follow Pinto’s lead, and chill. I choose just stay off the computer today. To minimize my time on technology. To minimize my sitting time. This keeps my spine healthy and happy from coccyx to skull, and allows me to enjoy the rest of my day, and Labor Day weekend. 

I will be back on Tuesday to continue this journey. And I’m hoping that with three days lead time, I can get ahead of these posts. Thank you for tuning in, reading, and taking this September journey with me. 

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