Everything Under the Moon, 7/1/2020

Welcome to JULY!!!

Continuing to read & pay attention, as much as I don’t want to, and it looks like they are now saying we will be peaking in mid-to-late July. So I’m moving the potential re-open date back again – to Oct 1, and then re-eval as it gets closer. From what I’m reading, it’s gonna be way longer than that.

I’m honestly getting a little nervous about how long this will last. And how well I’ll make it through. I’m diversifying & promoting more of the side stuff that I do – Amazon, Juice Plus, Tower Garden. You’ll find more info below.

What do you need? What’s missing?

I’m working to make sure I’ve got everyone covered… but is there something you’re needing that I’ve not offered – yet? Or maybe you need a time that isn’t on my calendar? ASK! I’ve created these current work blocks so that I can get other projects done, take care of myself, etc., but willing to update as needed.

Massage: The Driveway Series begins!

Yep, its on the calendar! Mon & Wed, and times vary a little bit for flexibility. There is a list of questions you need to answer before I accept your appointment request – basically asking if you’ve been taking care, using a mask when out, staying isolated, and social distancing. Know you’ll need to wear a mask AND bring your own sheet, pillow case, towel, and any pillow/bolster etc you might need. Also, you need to promise to wash everything in between sessions. After your appointment is accepted, you’ll receive another questionaire the day of your session. Once you return that, then I’ll send you a PayPal invoice to be paid prior to your session.

Amazon Associate is up & running

Want to help out and not have to think about it? Click on this link, and save it as your Amazon page!


Juice Plus

Interested in improving your food intake? Juice Plus doesn’t replace real food, it just fills in the gaps. We got fruits, veggies, & a vineyard blend, all in capsule or gummy form. Payment plans available. You can since up directly online, or contact me with questions.

Tower Garden

Been wanting that garden but lacking ground space? How about a vertical hydroponic system? Mine lives out on my driveway, and has a lovely waterfall sound. Its so peaceful. Growing there, and in dirt, I’m gathering quite a bounty this year! Considering I’m vegetarian, that’s really good.

YouTube membership

Still working out the kinks in the system, but if you have a Gmail account, I can easily do your monthly membership. I’ve got the Viniyoga & Pilates classes uploading daily. I’m working on uploading the May & June Wellness Journey’s I’ve facilitated. There’s even a home strength program in there, as well as lots of other good stuff. $40 stand alone, $20 if you’re doing classes. More info coming very soon!

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