January 2017: To the Moon & Back

Wow! its 2017 already! if this year is like last, its going to FLY! I am looking forward to growing, to playing with all my cats, and to helping YOU!

January 19-20 the Studio will be closed as i’m at another CST workshop, deepening my understand of this work.

Spreading the #AmberMoonMagic on social media… please follow us on these outlets

Yoga class update: i’m not yet gotten enough feedback for me to hold a Yoga class. Stay tuned, i’ll keep this on the radar.

Total Barre Class: recently took a workshop on this, thinking of adding a class if i can find space for it. Please let me know if you are interested!

Pilates class on Thursdays, 10a & 530p

Rgistration is now open for December, January & February.

  • $15/class drop in
  • January Pilates: $36 for 3
  • No Class January 19… i’ll be at a CST training
  • February Pilates: $48 for 4
  • no refunds for missed classes if PIF.
  • please register (full month or drop in) to make sure of enough equipment & space!

Put me in, Coach!

This will return next month. i’ve been busy playing w my new kittens…

Schedule updates

Please always check my online scheduler first, then let me know if you don’t find anything. I try to keep it as updated as possible.

  • Mondayclosed
  • Tuesday8a- 4p
    • YMCA Run Class, 530a, location TBA weekly
    • YMCA Run Class, 630p at Ready to Run
  • Wednesday8a-1015a
    • Viniyoga class at Northwest YMCA, 1045-12n.
  • Thursday10a-630p
    • Pilates class 10-11a & 530-630p
  • Friday9a-12n, 230-330p 
    • Austin Y-Tri Drills on Hills, 530a (YTri Club membership required).
  • CLOSED January 18-22 for Craniosacral Therapy training

Juice Plus & Tower Garden

Slightly off topic, but a great one to start the New Year: Composting, and other recycling. My friend Casey became a Zero Waste Block leader this past November which started a Facebook conversation regarding composting. Many of our mutual friends don’t but want to. I have 2 compost bins in the back yard. At the previous house, where I had a grand garden, the dirt i produced yielded some fantastic plants. Over here, not so much in need of the dirt. Yet. Still working on garden placement. Anyway, I offered to let a few friends add to my compost bins, and I offer the same to you. Here’s some pointers, if you want to use my bins:

  • Get some different sized containers, one for daily use by the sink, another bigger one to dump that into until you get over here to put in the bins. I recommend the large plastic kitty litter buckets. I p+36used to use those when I added to a friend’s compost pile.
  • All fruits & veggies pieces parts go in. Egg shells. Shrimp shells.
  • The Bin also needs paper – paper towel & TP tubes, shredded paper, coffee filters, used paper towels, torn up used pizza boxes. i’ve got a shredder here if anyone needs. safe place to destroy sensitive info. who’d want to dive into a compost bin? Not me.
  • Yes, it smells until its dirt.
  • For the moment, if you are adding to mine, use the GREEN composter, and give it a turn or 2 after you’ve put your stuff in & closed the lid. Black one is currently making dirt.

If you’d like to be added to Casey’s newsletter on Zero Waste, she’d love to have you! She’s got great bits for Austin programs, and is a great resource of info!

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