November 2016: a new phase of the Moon

It just seems like i got back from vacation & October was already over. What is up with that?  I’ve recently shifted my schedule because of picking up 2 coaching sessions and creating a new Pilates class over here on Thursday, so i’m giving you fair warning that it has closed up my schedule even more than normal. I know. Tell me about it. If you’re already on the schedule, you are good to go. I’ve opened up the online scheduler so you can book out up to 6 months in advance. My schedule should shift again some in January as my run classes may drop as we approach triathlon season.

I’m also dropping Pampered Chef and WineShop at Home before the end of the year. If you need any Pchef, please order this month… I’ve got 2 shows open (links for shows: Kim, Jami) , will get them submitted before Thanksgiving. I’ve got a WineShop at Home tasting on Sunday 11/6, so can get any orders in on that. Closes on 11/8. Since I’m reducing & simplifying, I’ll also be adding Juice Plus & Tower Garden info into my Studio posts.

Pilates class on Thursdays, 10a & 530p

Due to some changes in my schedule, and to keep my sanity, I’ve had to put the Friday Yoga class on hold. However, with the closing of Premier Lady, I’ve been able to add a Thursday morning Pilates class… my ladies requested it, but its open to ALL my clients!

Rgistration is now open for November & December.

  • $15/class drop in
  • November Pilates: $36 for 3
  • No classes Nov 24.
  • December Pilates: $36 for 3
  • No classes Dec 22 or 28, enjoy your holiday time!
  • no refunds for missed classes if PIF.
  • please register (full month or drop in) to make sure of enough equipment & space!

Put me in, Coach!

  • Swim technique tip: Side Swim.  ok, its really not a swim…its more of a kick. But it teaches you to swim on your side, and it teaches you how much body roll you actually want when swimming. It also helps you work on breathing and body position in the water.  Feel free to use fins for this one! Turn the sound up! There are 2 variations shown on this on video. As mentioned previously, you want to be able to keep your body as perpendicular in the water as possible, and only rotate the head to breathe. IronAnnie rolls her body back a little here – if you need to start that way, feel free to, then work on keeping still.
  • Run technique tip: overstriding…(don’t do it!) a lot of times when my athletes try to run fast, they overstride… they reach their foot out farther in front of them then they need. You should feel like the foot is pressing down & back after your knee has lifted forward. This will help engage your glutes & deep hips to do the work of running, instead of the hip flexors.
  • Wellness coaching tip: once you’ve established the one thing you want to work on this week, go thru and think about what will keep you from doing the goal. make contingency plans, such as: if it rains, i will do a fitness video inside instead of walking/running outside. what will help motivate you to do your goal? a client puts signs up around her house so when she gets home from work tired, she is reminded that she feels soooo much better if she hops on the elliptical for a few minutes. Boom. Motivated to do it. and guess what. she does!
  • More than Miles. please remember if you want to work on your run, come join me on Tuesday 530 am and Wednesday 630 pm for my Northwest YMCA running class. Locations vary. Sessions are by punch – you can buy 4, 8, or 10 to get you thru the end of 2016. Friday mornings at 530 am is my drills on hill run thru the Austin Y-Tri program, which will continue after December. $30 for individual.
  • Want some help with these drills/tips? Contact me!

Schedule updates

Please always check my online scheduler first, then let me know if you don’t find anything. i try to keep it as updated as possible. FYI there have been some errors in the scheduler – its not reading all my full blocks for some reason (working on it).

  • Mondayclosed – office hours only (i work on training plans, with wellness coaching clients)
  • Tuesday8a- 4p (lunch/training time from 1030a-130p)
    • YMCA Run class, 530a
  • Wednesday8a-1015a
    • YMCA Run Class, 630p
  • Thursday10a-630p (Pilates class 10-11a & 530-630p)
  • Friday9a-12n, 230-330p 
    • Austin Y-Tri Drills on Hills, 530a
  • CLOSED Nov 24 & 25.

Juice Plus & Tower Garden

we will be putting photos of our tower gardens, recipes of stuff we’ve made from what we’ve grown, as well as other healthy tips! stay tuned for more exciting bits!

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