Hello Sunshine!

Your guide to all things under the moon, the Amber Moon, 1/24/22

Yeah, I needed a longer vacation. It’s Tuesday morning, and just now getting this out. You know what that means – short & sweet.

Venmo – studio now has it’s own account – @AmberMoonStudio

Upcoming time off/ Studio closings

With this mini-staycation in mind, I’ve gone ahead & schedule my next 2 blocks off. I’m back to quarterly breaks. Studio will be closed:

  • April 4-8, 2022
  • June 22 (at 12n) – 28, 2022
  • September time off TBD
  • November 23-25
  • December Holiday break TBD

Fantastic Feet & where to find them

Find them HERE! Starts February 2, and runs thru the month – Wednesdays & Fridays at 1205p. Come learn about feet, make them feel better & be stronger. Equipment suggested – golf ball, flat resistance band, yoga block or such, tennis ball, but it can all be done without toys. Will be Live on Facebook, or register via Zoom – use code FANTASTIC to get it for free, or if you prefer to pay (for accountability), it’s $4/session, $20 for the month. They will be posted to YouTube as well.

Taylor openings

  • Thursday, 1/27 at 230p
  • Thursday, 2/3 at 3p
  • Openings subject to change

Austin Massage

Next 2 weeks, these slots are currently running on full. Subject to change.

Friday’s in Austin is currently off the schedule thru end of February, then I’ll re-evaluate.

Classes & Group shenanigans for weeks of Jan 24 & 28, 2022

11a: Pilates Mat
5p: Everything Under the Moon
535p: Awesome Arms (FB Live & Zoom)
615p: Taylor Track Time! (Memorial Track, Taylor)

10:45a: Viniyoga
1205p: Fantastic Feet (FB Live & Zoom), starts Feb 2

11a: Pilates & BOSU
5p: Everything Under the Moon
5:35p: Awesome Arms (FB Live & Zoom)

10:45a: Viniyoga
1205p: Fantastic Feet (FB Live & Zoom), starts Feb 4

Please sign up at www.ambermoonstudio.com/book-now for all events except FB Live

Hello Sunshine!

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, January 10, 2022

Wow, what a week. I admit I was ready for some time off, but wasn’t expecting the COVID time off. That said, I’ve adjusted my ‘planned’ mini-vacation a little, just to 1/20 (230p) -1/21… Things back to normal on 1/24.

Starting this week, I’ll be sending a Monday email if you’ve got an appointment during the upcoming week. You’ll need to respond. This will continue while Omicron in dominant. I’m reading that it’s gonna be here thru mid-February, so this will probably be the protocol thru end of February. I’ll start to re-evaluate as we get closer to March. I appreciate, as always, your understanding as well as your taking the time to keep us all safe.

I’ve been on the computer enough that I’m gonna copy/paste the COVID guidelines here – applies to any in person session. Keep in mind you’ll probably need to do a little pre-planning in case you need to take a COVID test. They are updated/refined since Jan 4 email/post.

Updated appointment requirements:

  1. Masks. Ditch the cloth and surgical masks! Aim for NO GAPS, CLOSE FIT, ELECTROSTATIC LAYERS, and NO VALVES. Click here if you want to read more.
  2. If you don’t have such a mask, I’ll be glad to provide you a N95 for a $5 fee. Bring a baggie, keep it safe, isolated. 
  3. Been traveling or had out of town guests? You’ll need to wait 14 days (full quarantine) before returning. AND you’ll need to take a COVID test prior to coming. You will need to show it to me before you come (pic is fine). 
  4. Have allergy symptoms? Take a COVID test (day of). Send me a pic of the results.
  5. If you go into stores andd/or are out & about without a mask, I’m strongly suggesting you postpone. Remember, I’m high risk. I’m immunocompromised. If you’re unmasked, I’ve basically gone wherever you go. I don’t go indoors anywhere without a mask, and only if I can be in & out in 15 minutes.
  6. For 45 min & 1 h sessions – Vaccination AND Booster required. No exceptions. I can bump an hour session down to 30 min easily. Vaccine must be Moderna or Pfizer as they are proven effective against Omicron.
  7. Had COVID? If you still have any signs/symptoms, you aren’t ready to return. I’m still researching WHEN you are able to return, as you can test positive for several months afterward. Deep massage not recommended for at least 3 months after having COVID (so no massage cupping). 

New addition to Taylor Massage: Massage Cupping (aka my pet Octopus)

New addition to massage sessions in Taylor only – Massage Cups. You can also sign up for a session that is focused just on the cupping, or it may be incorporated into your regular session depending on your needs.

Taylor: Pilates, Massage, online sessions & more (M, Tu, Th, every other F)

With requiring myself to have 30 min between clients, I’ve shifted some times a little bit. So that affects openings a bit. We ARE INSIDE now for Massage. There are exhaust fans in the windows, blowing out, and I’m on top of the cleaning.

Openings for these 2 weeks:

  • Monday, 1/17, 530p.
  • Tuesday, 1/18 @ 330p.
  • Please keep checking calendar for updates.

Please be entertained by the state of the massage room. It’s gonna look way better, but I’ve got other priorities at the moment. I’m still figuring out where things go throughout the whole house.

Austin: Massage (W, every other F)

It’s running full these next 2 weeks. I’d keep checking if you’re looking for an Austin session. Last minute openings do happen. And I can create a waiting list.

Awesome Arms

Come join me at 535p on Tuesday & Thursday, Facebook LIVE (just head on over) or via Zoom (you need to register). For those of you that prefer a little financial incentive (let’s call it “paying it forward”), there’s a drop in & a package created for just that. It is also included in the new Unlimited Live Stream package. Want to do on Zoom, but prefer not to pay? Use code ARMS2022 to get it for free.

Equipment for the next 2 weeks:

  • Jan 11 & 13 – resistance bands
  • Jan 18 – TRX
  • No session on Jan 20
  • Don’t have the recommended equipment? Come join with what you have – and let me know so I can give you modifications

If you join via Zoom – don’t worry! I can make it so no one sees you on Facebook.

After class, feel free to drop me some feedback – did this meet your needs, was it what you were expecting, etc.

T3: Taylor Track Time

One more week of Thursdays – and then we go to just Tuesdays.

This Tuesday (1/11/22), we’ll be off track since COVID got in the way last week – meet at Bull Branch Park.

Classes & group fun, week of January 10, 2022





Classes & group fun , week of January 17, 2022




(still taking a little time off as planned, so no classes Thursday evening, Friday)

Hello, Sunshine! Hello, 2022!

So much going on as we embark on the new year – programs to get you moving forward, updates on existing programs, and more. This is a long one, so be prepared. Ready? Let’s gooooooooo!

Short Studio closing (ie vacation)

I’m gonna take a small vacay from Thursday, Jan 20 at 230p thru Tuesday, Jan 25 at 1p. I’ve already got something scheduled for me that weekend, so I’m expanding “me time”.

Wellness journey starting points to get you going in 2022 – develop habits & learn more about YOU

Existing program & NEW ones, just for you!

Wellness coaching – a weekly 15 min chat to get you on track, on task, and establishing habits to achieve your goals. Initial appt is 30 min – included in the monthly rate. Monthly price: $120.

Weekly LIVE chat with Organizing4Good on Facebook. We’ll be covering a broad spectrum of fitness, wellness & organizational topics. More info to come. Free.

A Movement Journey – your chance for deepening your understanding of my class formats (new participants only). Get involved, be curious, explore the different options.

  • First, sign up for a class package for January – minimum of 1 class per week.
  • Second, sign up for 2-4 private movement sessions in February, 30 or 60 min, online or in person, to go over what YOU need, your adaptations for your preferred formats, answer any questions you have, and really focus on learning you, learning more of what you need to know for the class(es) you prefer.
  • Third, in March, if you did 2 private sessions, get 50% off the package you did in January; or if you did 4 private sessions, get 100% off the package you chose in January. I’ll send you a code once February is completed.
  • Other guidelines: Your video must be on during classes – I need to see you move. Must sign up online. Must be completed in the month stated. Sign up now for February (my schedule fills), and we can decide the topics later.

Omicron update

With the increase of Omicron in the area, and it’s apparently higher transmission rate, I’m going to require those of you coming for 45 or 60 min sessions be boosted. If you’ve already vaccinated, and sent me your vax card, you’ll need to resend once you receive your booster. You be restricted to 30 min until 2 weeks AFTER you’ve received it as well. Thank you for understanding and helping keep me, and YOU, safe.

Depending on the estimates used for vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic infection from the Delta variant, this translates into vaccine effectiveness estimates against symptomatic Omicron infection of between 0% and 20% after two doses, and between 55% and 80% after a booster dose. Similar estimates were obtained using genotype data, albeit with greater uncertainty.

If you are currently doing 45 & 60 min sessions, some updated requirements:

  • You must be vaccinated AND boosted. Can’t get your booster for medical reasons? We can talk. Otherwise, no exceptions.
  • Must have Pfizer or Moderna (effective again Omicron).
  • If you traveled over the holidays by plane or had out of town guests in, you’ll need to get a COVID test before your appointment. Home test is fine. I had my mom here, I’ll be testing as well.
  • I’m contemplating COVID test prior to all future appointments while Omicron is dominant.
  • If you’ve received your booster since you were last in, please send me a copy of your updated card.

End of Year Survey

If you’ve not yet completed the End of Year Survey, please take a moment to help me mold my 2022 offerings. You only need to complete it once. Thank you!

With that said, here’s what I’ve learned so far from survey results:

  • People didn’t realized Awesome Arms was FREE.
  • My schedule and that of people wanting classes doesn’t match
  • People don’t understand the need to recirculate the air between sessions. I’ll do more education on this in the next few Hello, Sunshine‘s.

Livestream prices & class package updates

Unlimited monthly class package – $139 – I’ve also included Awesome Arms in it (though it’s free anyway, might motivate you to sign up!). Tier 1 only.

2 tier package system

  • Tier 1: the existing price structure – for those that can “Pay it Forward“. 4 & 8 class packages are good for 5 & 9 weeks respectively.
  • Tier 2: for those thinking the price is too high (info from the End of Year Survey) or on a strict budget, 25% off Tier 1 pricing. *Packages are only good for 1 month from date of purchase
  • Tier 2 is not an option for Drop in or Unlimited.
Livestream classesTier 1Tier 2
Drop in, 1h$18n/a
Drop in, 30 min$12n/a
(4) 1-h classes$64$48*
(8) 1-h classes$129$84*
(4) 30 min classes$44$33*
(8) 30 min classes$80$60*
Awesome Arms
Single session$4Free (on FB or Zoom)
month package$20Free (on FB or Zoom)
Buy your package here.

Taylor: Pilates, Massage, online sessions & more (M, Tu, Th, every other F)

Openings for these 2 weeks, subject to change. If you go to book & their not there, ask… it may be a tech issues on my end. It’s been happening.

  • Tuesday, 12/27 @ 215p.
  • Tuesday, 1/4/22 @ 215p & 330p
  • Thursday, 1/6/22 @ 245p

Oh, did I mention massage has the option of moving INDOORS when weather turns inclement? As of January 1, it will be an option if the weather necessitates. Due to Omicron, I prefer to keep these sessions on the driveway/in the garage. I’ll let you know if we need to move indoors, as I’ll be upping the mask requirements – must be non-cloth (N95, KN95 & K95 acceptable). I’ll have surgical masks if yours is a poor fit. Room won’t be updated yet, but you are ok with that, yes? With that said, I will need to shift WHEN sessions are offered – I can’t have 2 Pilates or 2 massages in a row once we are indoors – not enough time for room air recirculation. Which reminds me I need to get more window fans. *sigh* Always something.

Schedule update for 2022

I’m condensing Mondays down to just 1 opening – 530-630p. I’m finding I need more office time – more time to work ON the studio, versus always being IN the studio. It’s gotta be on Mondays, cuz the rest of the week is rocking. Mondays are light.

Thursdays – as of 1/15, I’ll be ending my day after Awesome Arms at 545p (read below for Awesome Arm updates). After 3 really full days, I just need to be done early. I know I mentioned to some of you I’d be opening up an evening slot, but looking at how my day is now filled, and the totality of the week, this is the best decision so I keep myself fresh & eager to work. I’m also still very much a morning person, and working all these evenings is just getting to me. I can handle 2.

Austin: Massage (W, every other F)

It’s running full these next 2 weeks, and the slot that is not always filled up is Wed, 330p, subject to change. I’d keep checking if you’re looking for an Austin session.

Awesome Arms

This week – Awesome Arms is as scheduled – Mon 5p & Fri 1215p.

Starting 2022, these sessions are shifting to 535p on Tuesday & Thursday, it’ll still be free, but for those of you that prefer a little financial incentive to get you involved (let’s call it “paying it forward”), there’s a drop in & a package created for just that. It is also included in the new Unlimited LiveStream package. It’ll still be broadcast live on Facebook or you can join via Zoom. You’re choice. Want to do on Zoom, but prefer not to pay? Use code ARMS2022 to get it for free.

A Glimpse of the Moon

This program is being shelved for the time being. As topics come up, I’ll do them.

T3: Taylor Track Time

Moving into 2022, the Tuesday session will remain as is (coached in person), the Thursday session will become a “hold each other accountable” session. If we get enough people, I can start providing a Thursday workout.

Group classes & activities, week of 12/27/21.






Classes, week of January 3, 2022





Whew… that’s a lot, but a LOT of new stuff happening. I greatly appreciate you reading all the way to the end!

Hello Holidays!

Your guide to everything under the moon, the Amber Moon, for December 13-26, 2021.

Oh, Omicron. Just in time for the holidays.

Some of you have asked what Omicron means for me & the studio. It means safety. If you’ve traveled, been around people that have traveled, been around people that have tested positive… I’m gonna ask you to consider how safe you’ve been. If you used a mask, quarantined, use the nose spray that kills COVID, or just stayed away from people, we should be good. Remember that I need your help to keep me safe. To keep my other clients safe. If you have any allergy/cold/flu like symptoms, please take a COVID test before your next appointment. I’m constantly reading about people that take a COVID test 5 days after exposure and think they’re in the clear. The incubation period is 5-14 days. You need to test negative at day 14 too. The test is only accurate for that point in time. When Omicron get here, I will tighten up on protocols again. With that, I’ve also been reading up on N95 type masks vs cloth masks (nice article from Scientific American). Some main points:

  • If you’ve traveled/been around people/don’t wear a mask regularly, please get a few N95 type masks, and a plastic bag to keep it in. If the only time you use it is for your session, you can reuse.
  • I’m also going to get a little more strict on HOW your mask fits. It must fit securely. If it’s loose, I’ll hand you a surgical mask (non-N95) to wear under it. So consider, if your nose comes uncovered regularly, expect me to comment. And I’ll hand you a mask.
  • If in doubt, reschedule. Cancellation policy is still on hold, though if you no-show without a call, I’ll charge you.
  • Remember, I’m immunocompromised & high risk (3 different factors). Would you be comfortable with your activities & level of safety if YOU were immunocompromised AND high risk? Keep in mind, I’m overly cautious.

As you consider all this, keep in mind – I still curbside/order online. Unless I’ve only got a few items, in which case I go at less busy times and can be in & out in under 15 min. I wear a mask when indoors. Period. Non-negotiable. I’m better outside – in very small crowds & with some distance. I don’t eat out. Drive-thru on rare occasion (more cuz I need food NOW).

As we get deeper into the holiday season, please take care of you!

Taylor: Pilates, Massage, online sessions & more

Openings for these 2 weeks, subject to change. If you go to book & their not there, ask… it may be a tech issues on my end. It’s been happening.

  • Thursday, 12/4 – 1215 (30 min only)
  • Thursday, 12/23 – 330p
  • Monday, 12/27 – 530p

Austin: Massage

Ooo – I’ve got an open slot! Quick – grab it now!

  • Wed, 12/15 – 330p (1h)

Awesome Arms

If/when you do a session – either on FB (either during or after Live has ended), or on YouTube, would you please leave a comment? As I continue to evaluate programs, I ask for feedback on where to spend my time.

A Glimpse of the Moon

Theme for this week is “A deeper understanding of the breath” and on 12/21 “Ooooo Sharon’s favorite – Side Leg Series (Pilates)” all over on Facebook.

Your input please – I’ve got these scheduled thru the end of year, and ask your input for January & beyond. What topics would you like to have me discuss, movements explained, previews of various classes, etc. Your input is requested. I’m doing these as an educational tool for YOU. Please email, text, PM, etc me with your thoughts.

T3: Taylor Track Time

Yes! We’re still on. As you prepare to be outside in colder weather, here are some tips:

  • Dress in layers.
  • Avoid turning the heat on in your car on your drive to the track. It’ll be a bigger temp differential, and you won’t enjoy getting out.
  • Bring lights. So others can see you. So I can keep track of you.
  • A hat & gloves help tremendously. Ear covers if you’re not a hat person.
  • If you have exposed skin, put lotion on it before heading out. It creates a moisture barrier, thus less drier skin later.

Group classes & activities, weeks of 12/13 & 12/20/21





Friday (closed 12/23 for the holiday)

Hello, Sunshine!

Everything you need to know about happenings at Amber Moon Studio, November 29-December 12 , 2021.

The first person that came for Massage: The Driveway series when it started July 2020 pointed out recently, as I was talking about what I needed to do to be ready to move it indoors, that we’ve been thru all FOUR seasons on the driveway/in the garage. We can handle whatever. I think this garage (Taylor) is better insulated, and I’ll be paying attention as the weather gets below 40 degrees to see if it stays warm enough, and at what temp would I need to cancel any sessions. And I’ll have to see how quickly it reheats after I open the garage door. Do I need to hang dividers so the heat stays in the massage area? Yes, the heating component on the table still works, and I think i know where the blankets are… So many questions to investigate the answers too.

And then for the Pilates, I’ll have the window fan going. Again, does the insulation around it keep the room warm enough? It’s always something.

Taylor Pilates & Massage

Openings for these 2 weeks, subject to change:

  • Thursday, 12/2, 130p & 330p
  • Monday, 12/6, 530p
  • Tuesday, 12/7, 1215p (30 min only), 330p
  • Thursday, 12/8, 330p

Austin Massage

The sessions are starting to get filled with regular clients – so grab your slot ASAP if you’re wanting one. The next 2 weeks, Austin sessions are booked. Subject to change.

I had said I was adding a 5p on Fridays in the last update. I changed my mind. By Friday, I don’t want to work that late.

Awesome Arms

I had someone not active on Facebook say they wanted to join Awesome Arms, so I’ve reformatted a little – you can join me via Zoom! Please be prompt, as once I get going, I’m rolling to the end. You’ll have to catch it on YouTube if you miss. I’ll figure out how to cast just me to FB, but be warned, you might be there with me while I’m learning!

A Glimpse of the Moon

Theme for this week is “Give you neck a little love” and on 12/7 then next level of my knee program, all over on Facebook.

Your input please – I’ve got these scheduled thru the end of year, and ask your input for January & beyond. What topics would you like to have me discuss, movements explained, previews of various classes, etc. Your input is requested. I’m doing these as an educational tool for YOU. Please email, text, PM, etc me with your thoughts.

T3: Taylor Track Time

Yes! We’re still on. As you prepare to be outside in colder weather, here are some tips:

  • Dress in layers.
  • Avoid turning the heat on in your car on your drive to the track. It’ll be a bigger temp differential, and you won’t enjoy getting out.
  • Bring lights. So others can see you. So I can keep track of you.
  • A hat & gloves help tremendously. Ear covers if you’re not a hat person
  • If you have exposed skin, put lotion on it before coming.

Group classes & activities, weeks of 11/29 & 12/6/21






Hello, Sunshine!

Everything you need to know about happenings at Amber Moon Studio, November 15-28, 2021.

Things are definitely on the upswing. Studio is getting busier. I’m moving things indoors slowly. The house is coming along. Just in time for the holidays, and to be rocking the new year in.

As things get busier, I’m focusing on planning my stuff out better. Like food. I started tracking what I was eating – just to get the patterns, details – in mid-October. It’s been insightful, even with my food issues! Part of being an athlete is getting in the KIND of calories I need for training and for maintaining my intensity. Which means I need more carbs. Yet I’m grain-free, and a lot of the other carbs are also on my “Sharon unfriendly” list. So as you can imagine, it takes planning. And I’m learning. You’ve gotta start somewhere, and then make the small changes.

MapMyFitness (MMF) has improved significantly since I last used it. I like being able to barcode scan my foods, input my own recipes, and they’ve got more diversity in what foods are in their system. A huge improvement – it frustrated me in previous years cuz what I ate typically wasn’t listed. This is one win for technology.

What I have learned:

  • My calorie base is about 1800, and goes up with exercise.
  • I need to get in at least 1200-1300 calories by lunch, otherwise, I’m in trouble. Most my foods are low-calorie, so I gotta stay on task.
  • I had a hard time initially getting enough protein. I started planning it out, and am up to endurance athlete levels (1.2-1.4 g/kg BW). Most days.
  • I easily get enough fiber.
  • I get more fat than I need – it’s my replacement for carbs.
  • I get a lot of saturated fat but majority of it is vegetable based, as in coconut, avocado, olive oil. My meats are lean, so they add only a little. My registered dietitian says it’s ok, the body can break down veggie saturated fat better than animal. I’m still working on reducing it.
  • I need to be mindful to be able to get my carbs in, and watch my fat intake.
  • I feel better with veggies for breakfast.

While it’s a task to enter food into MMF daily, it really does keep me on target. It keeps me honest. I’m also learning how to tweak my recipes to improve nutrients.

And every now & then I DO try foods on my “Sharon unfriendly” list. It seems in small quantities, infrequently indulged, nuts are ok. The occasional (say 1x/month) grain is tolerated. Nightshades still out. Beans are still out.

Taylor Pilates, Massage, & all online sessions

For the week of Thanksgiving I’ve opened up 11/22 Monday morning from 1030a-1245p to make up for time off. These slots still open. I’ve set the sessions so I can get (2) 1-h sessions in. I may adjust appointments to maximize efficiency if shorter sessions are scheduled.

I’m officially opened for 30, 45 & 60 min in person Pilates, with a few COVID based rules:

  • masks must be worn unless face down
  • must be vaccinated for 45 & 60 min in-person sessions
  • online sessions still available

I’ll be adjusting my overall schedule slightly as my schedule fills. My “free” slots are getting fewer & fewer. #YAYME

Austin massage

Every other Friday that I’m in town – I’ve added a 5p slot since the other 2 have been filling up.

Openings at this moment (subject to change):

  • Wed, 11/16/21 – 315p (30 min) is open
  • Fri, 11/19/21, 5p is open (60 min only)
  • Mon, 11/22/21, currently full

Awesome Arms

Missed the start of this series? It’s on Facebook, and I’ve uploaded them to their own YouTube playlist, where I’ve also listed the equipment, so if you have a preference, you can easily find the right workout for you! If you do them, leave me a comment, let me know what you think. I’d love feedback!

Go ahead and put these next 2 weeks on your calendar! If you’re on Facebook, I’ve also created events for this to help you remember AND prep you for the equipment needed. Please go for the Studio Events page & RSVP!

  • Mon, 11/15/21, 5p
  • Friday, 11/19/21, 1215p
  • Mon, 11/22/21, 1p ***changed for the holiday week only**
  • then back to Mondays at 5p, Fridays at 1215p.

A Glimpse of the Moon

Also on Facebook, and also has its own playlist on YouTube.

Livestreamed Tuesdays at 230p, I’ll be covering these topics this month:

  • 11/16/21 – The feet, the golf ball, and just a few minutes a day
  • 11/23/21 –  The misunderstood hamstrings
  • 11/30/21 – Minimal movements to benefit your spine

T3: Taylor Track Time

This Thursday – it’s the 3rd Thursday – so that means off the track! Meets at Bull Branch Park. Come play! Click here to register.

No session on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, or December 23, 28 & 30.

I’ll continue with the Thursday session on Jan 6 & 13, then I’m gonna take a break. Several athletes have events on the weekend of January 15th, I’m getting them thru that, then we’ll see. I may end up shifting that Thursday time for Studio clients.

Group classes & activities, as of 11/15/21

Monday, 11/15

Tuesday, 11/16

Wednesday, 11/17

Thursday, 11/18

Friday, 11/19

Monday, 11/22

Tuesday, 11/23

Wednesday, 11/24

Regular schedule resumes 11/29/21

Hello Sunshine! Hello November!

Everything you need to know about happenings at Amber Moon Studio

As the Studio goes into its next phase of existence, I look back on the past year plus. I’ve had lots of first that I never expected – being out on the driveway for massages, cancel appointments cuz it got too cold, having to cancel a track session because winds were dangerously strong. A year full of surprises, challenges & growth. I wouldn’t trade this anything.

As I transition to a Taylor and Austin studio, I would like to thank those of you that have stuck with me through COVID, those of you that are slowly returning, those not yet ready to, and those that have moved on to next. I hold space for you regardless of where you are, regardless what your relationship with the studio is. I frequently get asked how many clients I’ve lost due to the COVID pandemic. My answer: none. I have clients that have not yet returned, those that have moved away, & moved forward. But I’ve lost none. You all have helped make Amber Moon Studio what it is – you’re here, regardless.

Turkey Tracks

As part of my new program, Turkey Tracks, I am pledging a dollar a mile to South Texas Persian Rescue, where all 5 of my currently fluffyfluffys found me. Whatever mileage I accumulate this month, I am going to be donating $1/mile. If you would like to sponsor me, let me know. I have a fundraiser going on Facebook. (it’s pinned to the top of my page). Feel free to pledge per mile, or do a lump sum. Doesn’t have to be donated thru FB either – you can donate directly to them via PayPal.

If you’re ready to join the Turkey Tracks journey, please ask to join our private facebook group.

If you’re joining us for this November Journey, please consider creating your own fundraiser for a group/effort that is important to you.

Taylor Pilates & Massage

Pilates Studio is soooooo close to being done. Finally got the 2nd coat of Kilz on it, and it’s ready for COLOR! That should happen next weekend… oh the excitement.

I also spent this past weekend cleaning & re-organizing the garage, so the Driveway massages can move indoors. You’ll be surrounded by a lot of my plants on the days the weather gets chilly too. I’m hoping it’ll be quite tropical. My goal is to be able to be INSIDE inside by January – the new year. I got this.

Austin Massage

Openings for the next 2 weeks (at least as I’m typing it. Subject to change.)

  • Wed 11/3, 5p open
  • Fri 11/5, 2p open
  • Wed 11/10 – booked full at present.

I gotta say, the space is pretty darn nice.

Awesome Arms

Premiers TODAY at 5p! This week, you’ll need dumbbells, toning balls or such. Join me on Facebook LIVE! You’ve fot 5-10 min to spare to get those arms strong, right? When you join me, I’d love your feedback.

  • Mon 11/1, 5p
  • Fri, 11/5, 1215p

A Glimpse of the Moon

Ooo… the first “official” one is tomorrow, Tuesday, 11/2, 230p. I’ll be going over my knee program – the basics. You’ll need a ball/foam roller/wheeled chair, a band of some sort, and a step to be able to drop heels off.

T3: Taylor Track Time

Formerly the Walk-to-Run program & Tuesday Track (Taylor), with a name change, and location change for Tuesday, 11/2, Bull Branch Park. We’re adding a bit more variety on the 1st Tuesday & 3rd Thursdays. Please register to partake of all the fun.

Group classes & activities, as of 11/1/21




Thursday (no classes 11/25/21 only)

Friday (no classes 11/23/21 only)

A new phase of the Moon

Everything you need to know about upcoming Amber Moon Studio changes starting 11/1/21 (posted on 10/25/21)

AMS Turkey Tracks

In lieu of the Amber Moon Studio Turkey 10 miler this year, a new program: Turkey Tracks.

It’s a little movement based shin-ding from the comfort of wherever you are. The goal here is to get in 1 continuous mile per day for all of November. The activity needs to be weight bearing – walking, running, elliptical machine, etc. Let me help you move forward with your wellness journey.

Who? Anyone that wants: to start moving; to improve upon their current health/fitness/wellness; a community of healthy improving people as the holidays start; to spend more time moving; to learn healthy habits & make positive lifestyle changes.

Why? Because we like you! And because moving is good. It helps reduce stress. Weight bearing helps strengthen bones. It can be social – invite your friends. Because #walkingisnotcancelled. Starting something, or improving something, is easier when you have a community. Consistency is the key to success, as is keeping it manageable. If you’re not used to walking, 1 mile is gonna be enough. 

I can’t walk because of _____. Ok, then bike, a row, something cardio that you CAN do, but again, pick a minimum standard to do. Maybe it’s 20 min/day. Maybe it’s 10.

What’s the cost? Your smile, your commitment, your interaction in our exclusive facebook group. To get in (1) like Amber Moon Studio, and (2) ask to be added! Do it NOW 🙂

But wait, there’s MORE!!! I’ve got a great friend – Ryan Lanier of Organizing4Good that’ll be stopping by this group regularly to give you tips on how to work this into your day – in other words – how to take time for you. She’s awesome. I’ll be providing walking specific as well as general fitness tips throughout the month.


Thanksgiving Holiday – closed from Wed 11/25 at 12n thru Tuesday 11/30 11a (that said, I WILL be doing Awesome Arms on Monday, 11/29/21).

  • I’ve added Monday 11/22 openings from 11a-1p in Taylor, 3-515p in Austin, since I’ll be starting the Thanksgiving Holiday after Viniyoga on Wed 11/25 (12n),

Christmas Holiday – closed from Fri 12/24 at 12n thru Tuesday 12/28 11a.

New Year’s Holiday does not affect my schedule.

Austin Massage – now indoors

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being on Audrey & Kathy’s driveways this year… while I’m sad to leave the outdoors, I’m hoping indoors allows for consistency w the weather (not that it’s been an issue since I moved), and will bring some of you that I haven’t seen since COVID started back.

Dates that I’m in Austin:

Fridays: 2p & 330p slots in most cases. From 10/29, 11/5, 11/19, 12/3, 17, & 31… every other week. Got it?

Wednedsays: 2-6p. From 11/3 onward. Weekly. Got it?

Since this is now a fixed location, I will no longer be posting dates like before. I may post if I have openings. Once we get to January, I’ll be able to schedule regular sessions from my end… so start figuring out when works for you now.

This week: Friday, 10/29, I’ve got 2p & 330p open.

Taylor massage – still the driveway series.

The plan is to get the garage organized the first weekend or 2 in November to be able to move in (and be surrounded by all my plants). Once indoor spaces are ready, you’ll get to move in.

In-person Pilates

I had a pre-COVID regular ask for in-person Pilates (she actually volunteered to help move the reformer out weekly – yeah, not a good idea, but if she wants it that bad…), so in-person Pilates sessions are now open. If I can alternate a massage & a Pilates, I don’t have to allow 30 min between sessions because the sessions are in different spaces – YAY. So, if you’re interested, LMK ASAP. I’ve got openings on Monday & Tuesday.

Pilates in-person – 30 & 60 min options now open. Depends on what’s around it – i have 15 min set as in between time; if I happen to get 2 pilates in person sessions back to back, the latter session will need to be adjusted to 30 min to allow for air change.

Pilates online –  also open, so you can start now. These are called “Online movement sessions”

New Stuff LIVE on Facebook

A Glimpse of the Moon

Premieres Tuesday, 11/2, at 230p, Live of FB. I know you might be working, but come back at catch it anytime (advantage: FB!).

November topics: 

  • 11/2/21 – Sharon’s Knee program – the basics
  • 11/9/21 – Virabhadrasana – primary/secondary intentions & release valves
  • 11/16/21 – The feet, the golf ball, and just a few minutes a day
  • 11/23/21 – The misunderstood hamstrings
  • 11/30/21 – Give your neck some love 

Awesome Arms

This is partly to hold myself accountable for getting it in. I do a lot of core & leg work in my other classes, but not so much specific to the arms & shoulders. Come join me LIVE on FB on Mondays at 5p and Fridays at 1215p. It’ll be short, quick & precise, 5-10 min max. Watch for posts in the Studio page to let you know what equipment you’ll need – I’ll be alternating dumbbells, bands, TRX… and anything else I have handy! If those times don’t work, you can always catch them later.

Group classes & activities, week of 10/25/21





Hello, Sunshine

Your guide to everything happening under the moon, the Amber Moon, for week of 10/18/21.

Evolution. It’s been a big word for me lately. Lots of things are evolving over here – programs, the Studio, offerings. Me. I’m evolving too, and figuring out WHERE I want to go, WHAT I want to do.

First big update – at least for me, as it means I’ll be on the computer differently – is that this weekly snapshot is going to bi-monthly starting November 2021. One will come out the beginning of the month, the other mid-month. I’m needing to spend time elsewhere. If you enjoy my chit-chat, and want to stay more connected, please follow me on FB & IG. Lots of good stuff happening over there…. as I evolve, as my use of them evolves. I like being on the technology in smaller chunks. It works much better for my neck.

New stuff

Austin Massage moving indoors on Wednesdays & every other Friday as of 10/29/21

  • 30, 45 & 60 minute sessions available. It’s all open now online. Fridays in November will be the 5th & 19th and go on from there. It misses the holidays. I may add another Friday slot later. Unless you are family, I need 30 min between clients to totally change out the air.
  • 30 min sessions in Austin will only be available for the time being on Wednesdays.

On alternate Fridays – I’m either in Taylor, on a driveway by request, or off. Please check in with me if you’re wanting something that’s not showing for these days. And I’ll be implementing an outcall charge if I’m driving to you for a driveway session. Want to avoid that? Get a 2nd person to schedule. Details still being worked out. More next week.

Taylor Driveway massage is now open for 15, 30, 45 & 60 min sessions, currently on the driveway. Working on getting house projects moved along (much easier now that it’s cooler!), and will keep you apprised of when it comes indoors as well.

For November, I’ll have a few new programs rolling out – I’ll tell you about them next Monday.

Stuff that’s changing

A few things are shifting coming November 1:

  • Walk -to-Run program & Tuesday Track in Taylor are becoming Taylor Track Time. Inclusive of all things I do on the track. Still Tuesdays & Thursdays at 615p. Price is also increasing. We’ll also be doing First Tuesdays & Third Thursdays from a local City of Taylor park for variety.
  • Massage package rates. Because I am paying rent for the new massage space, I need to be more aware of my pricing. You can still get the package so you have sessions on account, but it will no longer be discounted. QUICK! Buy now.
  • Everything Under the Moon is shifting to a 5p start time. Still Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Wednesday Viniyoga will slide from 1030a to 1045a start time. 

Got a few things dropping off the calendar as of November 1:

  • Tues/Fri running in Austin. I’ve been coaching that program – partially thru the Y – for about 6-7 years now. It’s time for a change. My athletes need a change. I need a change. It’s going to evolve (there it is again!) into something. Time will tell what. I’m giving it the time it needs.
  • DIY Reformer. This is the last month for it. Schedule shifts & such are requiring me to take a look at how well things are doing, and as clients return, evolution happens. I need space for those coming back.
  • Yoga >> Meditation is finishing up THIS WEEK. It’s also saying goodbye for now. It may return. We shall see.

Austin – Massage: The Driveway series

Sign up now!

  • Oct 20: Rattan Creek neighborhood – 445p is open.
  • Oct 27: Anderson Mill/183 area – 230 & 4 are open at the moment.
  • Starting Nov 3, indoors – East of 183 & just north of McNeil
  • This section will be revamped in November.

Group schedule for this week





*whew*. I think that’s it. Now, I need to start working on next week… now….

Thanks for reading this far! If you don’t mind, drop me a note, let me know what you like about these updates so it may continue to evolve.

Hello, Sunshine

Your guide to everything under the Moon, the Amber Moon, for the week of 10/11/21

It’s Monday. Almost 5p. So you know this is gonna be short. I’ve been good busy. Shifting. Changing. Evolving. Improving.

It’s that time. To bring Austin massages indoor for the inclement weather we might be having. To give you the option of 1 hour. I’ll get more info to you next week, but just know – it’s coming in November. Yes, I found a place.

Taylor will follow suit once I’ve got my house updates a bit farther under way. Patience, Padawan.

Austin – Massage: The Driveway series… and indoors in November

Sign up now!

  • Oct 6: Rattan Creek neighborhood – 330p is open
  • Oct 13: Anderson Mill/183 area – 230 & 4p are open
  • Oct 20: Rattan Creek neighborhood
  • Oct 27: Anderson Mill/183 area
  • Starting Nov 3, indoors – off 183 between Anderson Mill & McNeil

Group schedule for this week