Everything Under the Moon, 8/17/2020

Lots of brainstorming happening around here this month! Lots of new programs in the works. I’ll lay upcoming program out below, but will take a few weeks to divulge their content. If you want info before then, ask!

Amber Eats

Wow… it’s been a while since the last Everything!

Cassava flour Bread (8/1/2020) – and a recipe for banana – chocolate chip – figgy pancakes

the #9BananaChallenge (8/7/2020) – and a recipe for banana-carrot-coconut muffins

May I introduce… Cassava flour bread (8/16/2020) – and the actual bread recipe

5 min #ComputerDetox

This program continues. Can’t make it at the posted times? Check it out on IGTV or on the Studio’s facebook page. I just want you get it, do it, and feel better. My gift to you.

Schedule for this week
Tu & Th @ 3p
W & F @ 1245

A Mindful Movement Invitation

So what makes my viniyoga and Pilates classes different? With 30 years’ experience in teaching movement and deepening my understanding of how to move, my own injuries, and other great teachers, I would say a lot.
I invite you to join me for the month of September and see for yourself.

Program includes:

NOW– view, & maybe even do, my YouTube classes. Every instructor is different. Get a feel for how I teach, move, cue. Each and every class I teach takes in to account who is there, their needs, what they need to work on.

By the end of Augustsign up for your 30 min Zoom session where you get to ask me questions, we go over what YOU are looking for, helping me make these classes geared toward YOU as well.

September – All access code given so you can join in on ANY of the viniyoga and Pilates classes I’m offering online from 9/1-18/2020. I’m then on vacation until the 28th. During my vacation, you’ll have exclusive access to repeat any of the September classes (via YouTube). Repetition deepens your understanding.

This program is for new clients, past clients that haven’t tried my viniyoga and Pilates classes, and for any past class participants that haven’t been in class since the end of April 2020. Cost is $39, and limited to 8 people. Register early to get in, and to get going! Program fee is collected when you sign up for your Zoom session.

Coming soon

Amber Moon Studio Turkey 10 miler – Thanksgiving morning

Turkey10 miler training program

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