Lost my Marbles, Holiday Gift Certs, other updates

Lost my Marbles :'(IMG_20110815_154608

For those on you not of facebook with me, just wanted to let you know that my best therapy cat, Marbles, passed away on Wed, 12/9/15. I had a good 10 months of spoiling her before her liver failed. Am i ok? i’m managing. is there anything you can do? like when we found out what was going on, my vet bill can always use a little help. we had a visit on Tuesday, after she’d been not eating much over the weekend, then the final visit.  feel free to call Northwest Pet Hospital directly at 512-863-9200, ask to put it on my account. any assistance is greatly appreciated, certainly not required. I know she loved working/ helping/ licking the lotion off each of you that came for massage. Thank you for letting her help YOU!

Online Scheduler

Is up & running! Yes, there a still a few kinks in it, and once your appt it booked, I may ask if you can shift your appt 15 min or so for efficiency of my schedule. Last minute openings DO happen! I do my best to get them updated ASAP. To those of you already using it, Thank You! I’m not able to do repeating clients yet, so I’m still sending out email reminders for those. It’s all a work in progress!

Holiday Schedule, Gift Certficates

I’m working a full day on Dec 24, and regular hours on Dec 31 & Jan 1. Please book online if you are looking! And remember to ask your loved ones to give you Gift Certificates to Amber Moon Studio! They can PayPal me the $, make their own GC for you! You’ll act surprised, right???

Clearing out for the new

This past weekend, I worked my last time for my weekend job that, while I have loved, has also complicated my schedule. No more! I’m now here to focus on the Studio! With that said, my studio hours are shifting slightly to accommodate more clients. Keep in mind I do have regular clients in a lot of these slots, and the weird spots are where I’m getting in my own triathlon training.

Mondays, 2-530p

Tuesdays, 8-9a, 1130-530p

Wednesdays, 8-10a

Thursdays, 1045a – 430p

Fridays, 9-1130a, -and 2-6p

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